Harper better hope that honesty isn’t a campaign issue

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has long claimed that he was kept in the dark by his own inner circle during the secretive payoff of Mike Duffy's dodgy Senate expenses.

Remind us who’s playing politics?

It's not easy to stir up a public uproar by writing about the finer points of Canada's tax code, but our columnist Kyle Carruthers managed to pull off the trick recently.

Public deserves details of bus boondoggle

Pop quiz: Do you believe that Yukon's parents should have known that, for the past two years, the territory's school bus operator was repeatedly flubbing the government's safety requirements?

No easy fix for Whitehorse’s housing affordability woes

Why is housing affordability an issue in a city like Whitehorse, with little but trees for thousands of kilometres in either direction? 

  • Jul 22, 2015

How to not sell an idea to the public

The Yukon Party's approach to picking a spot for Whitehorse's new continuing care centre is, typically enough, ass-backwards. First our cabinet ministers sat around a table and came to a decision.

The case for the New Democrats

Well, as they say, turnaround is fair play. The Liberals, after spending years telling Canadians that the only credible alternative to voting Conservative is to support themselves.

Reform Act’s passage a beginning, not an end

It was, as far as such things go, a nail-biter of an ending. Early last week, Canada’s senators, after seriously considering the idea of overturning a democratic reform bill passed by an overwhelming majority...

Vaccine skeptics fall prey to the law of large numbers

The Yukon’s chief medical officer recently warned local residents about two cases of pertussis – better known as whooping cough – here in the territory.

  • Jun 30, 2015

Yukon’s housing plan long overdue

Lord knows our politicians love nothing more than to proclaim the existence of new strategies. These thick sheaves of paper are frequently called "action plans," although, more often than not, they seem to serve as a substitute for action.

An interim report card for Yukon’s Dept. of Ed.

We're afraid that we must give the Yukon Department of Education's recently released annual report a grade of "I" for incomplete. The assignment will have to be redone. The revised work will answer the following questions.

Bill S 6: What could possibly go wrong?

One of the wonderful things about the Yukon is the diversity of our political leaders. There's our Conservative MP, Ryan Leef. Our Conservative Senator, Daniel Lang.

Want to upset our MP? Liken him to a Liberal

Yukon MP Ryan Leef called last Friday in a bit of a state. The editorial we had just published, he said, was "inflammatory," and shouldn't be considered journalism, but instead, "smut." At first, it seemed Leef’s outrage seemed prompted by our description of him as being spineless.

Senators have no right to spike the Reform Act

If you've paid any attention to our federal representatives in recent memory, chances are you have some complaint having to do with their lack of backbone.

Let the light in

The Yukon needs more sunshine. Not the sort that has been blistering necks and shoulders lately, but the type that shines a light on how public money is spent by the territorial government.

Yukon Party scores own goal with soccer complex snafu

The Yukon government's rationale for wanting to build a new outdoor sports complex in Whitehorse is beginning to sound a little like a Monty Python skit. 

Hiring loopholes make a mockery of our schools

Exciting news! Yukon's Department of Education, always on the cutting edge of things, may improve its hiring policies by using a newfangled technology called the Internet.

Footdragging unforgivable for affordable housing

At a dawdle of a pace that gives new meaning to "being on northern time," the Yukon government has finally gotten around to earmarking its remaining affordable housing cash. 

Federal budget balanced on the back of crumbling infrastructure

Canada is back in the black. Last week the federal Conservative government released Canada's first balanced budget in the better part of a decade, and just in time for another federal election at that.

  • Apr 29, 2015

The accidental environmentalist

If we judge Premier Darrell Pasloski by his deeds, rather than his words, it’s possible to view him as one of the Yukon’s most accomplished environmentalists.

Moving the goalposts

Whitehorse city council is right to call a time-out before voting on the rezoning needed for the Yukon government's $7-million outdoor recreation complex proposed in Whistle Bend.