Police in over their heads

Recently, Parks Canada employees, environmental engineers and a city firefighter took part in a two-day ice-rescue course in Whitehorse. RCMP officers did not. And that is odd.

Animal protection must become a priority

The strange case of Jim Foesier deserves some attention. He’s the guy who collected dogs, kept them chained in deplorable conditions and then,…

Money for nothing

Even with the Yukon Party cabinet down a member, the Yukon public is paying more than $600,000 in salaries. We would like to know what, exactly, is it getting for its money? It certainly isn't getting much in the way of leadership.

Polar Plunge 2017
The Nutcracker
Demonstrators chant 'don't be mean' outside Toronto Tim Hortons
Integrity RV launches Free Trailer for a Week Program

Death by a thousand gaffes

Would you rather die in a lion’s maw, or be gnawed to death by squirrels and their ilk? This is the question Energy, Mines and Resources…

In fixing one problem, we might exacerbate a worse one

A few months ago, the world seemed to be on the verge of a societal breakthrough. Oil prices had skyrocketed to more than $150 a barrel.

yukon remians in the dark

At this point, we don’t know whether to be angry or alarmed. But we’re leaning towards angry.

Time for tough bison love

The Aishihik wood bison herd seems to be a science project gone awry. First introduced into the Yukon wilderness in the early 1980s, as part of a national recovery program...

Ghosts in the machine

It's time for book lovers to face the music. They're dead. Or, more accurately, mostly dead (thanks William Goldman). That is, glued pages and cardboard will persist for a while yet, but they will eventually fade from widespread public use.

Cool the rhetoric on First Nation reforms

The recent Idle No More protests probably say as much about the tactlessness of the federal Conservatives as it does about the unreasonableness of some First Nation activists.

Apathy undermines veteran support

In a few weeks, the great Remembrance Day charade will start. The most public among us - politicians, news anchors and tartan-sporting hockey commentators - will trip over themselves to be the first to wear poppies on their lapels.

Time to lift the fog of doubt

The Fentie government should come out of the shadows and tell citizens where it stands on protecting the Peel River Watershed. It's beyond time it did so. In late 2009, the commission studying the issue recommended protecting 80 per cent of the watershed.

Ottawa buys a clunker

General Motors is a lousy candidate for a quarter-billion-dollar federal bailout. It was just three weeks ago that the North American automaker…

News wins eight gold, four silver and two bronze awards

The Yukon News has the best website among the 120 newspapers in the BC and Yukon Community Newspaper Association. "Very professional layout with an immediate sense of community and engaging multimedia video presentations focusing on the local community," said judges for the Ma Murray Community Newspaper Awards in announcing the paper won gold.

A post Games analysis

Halifax has withdrawn its bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The decision was announced just as the Canada Winter Games were wrapping up.

Can sailors survive in dusty Afghanistan?

Canada’s military leaders are getting desperate. How desperate? Well, they’ve reached the point where they are considering sending the…

Robocall deserves more than roboreply

Maybe it was just a matter of time before the robocall scandal surfaced in the Yukon. All things - good and bad - eventually wend their way north. Housing booms, fresh vegetables and, as it turns out, even voter-suppression tactics.

What, exactly, is ‘benign legality’?

The Yukon Environmental Act states that a State of the Environment report “shall” be drafted every three years.

Some wishes for 2013

Here are some of our hopes and fears for 2013. * We hope Humane Society Yukon's new board receives support over the holidays to ensure the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter remains open.

Breach of trust

According to federal laws, you can do whatever you want to your personal property. And that may seem OK, until you consider that, under those same…

Burning money

It's nice having a sugar daddy. Yukoners can squander millions with barely a thought, and there are never any consequences. Take the city's new public safety building at the top of Two Mile Hill.