march of the weenies

Let’s be clear: Yukon Federation of Labour president Alex Furlong and his union buddies are sissies.

Let’s be clear: Yukon Federation of Labour president Alex Furlong and his union buddies are sissies.

We say this following word that Furlong’s federation has launched a “non-partisan” $40,000 election campaign.

Non partisan? During an election campaign.

What weenies.

Labour leaders know Premier Dennis Fentie and his crew have hammered them.

Unions are out of the loop, lacking any working relationship with Fentie.

Furlong knows about the lack of ethics in the Fentie government.

He and his union colleagues know it has an agenda to push unions out and privatize the work that their members once did.

They know Fentie’s crew totally bungled the workers compensation review panel.

They failed to build a jail.

That it delayed, for years, enacting the workers compensation health and safety regulations, putting Yukoners in the path of danger needlessly.

They know about the widespread perception of conflict of interest.

And the government’s blind-eye approach to contracting and purchasing violations.

And liquor act violations.

But labour won’t wade into all that — not specifically.

Instead, they are representing all members’ views in a warm and fuzzy media blitz.

They don’t want to ask the tough questions; they want their members to do it. Face to face, on the doorstep (the labour leaders will be far removed, whispering advice.)


Furlong will say it’s to properly represent labour’s diverse membership.


Really, it’s because the union leaders are scared, like rabbits in the shadow of a hawk.

They are worried if they play tough, and lose, it will be difficult to face these guys at the negotiation table.

It might hurt their chances of landing a sweetheart deal.

So they urge people to pay close attention, to ask questions on their behalf.

How gutless.

Rather than wasting the $40,000 of members’ dues on dull pamphlets and simpering commercials, why don’t they simply plan a tea.

They can serve their preferred snack.

Carrots. (RM)