Bell goes 1X but gets grilled on 2G

Jim Jacques came to Whitehorse to announce Bell Mobility’s long-awaited mobile data network, but heard a chorus of concerns about cellphones…

Whitehorse icon changes hands

Doug Thomas still expects to have his early morning coffee waiting for him at the Gold Rush Inn. But the veteran Whitehorse hotelier no longer owns…

Crossing the line in Carcross, come hell or high water

Waist-deep snowdrifts surround the Carcross Visitor Information Centre, reminding residents of their short-lived summer tourist season. But last week, on closer inspection, locals might have noticed several sets of footprints.

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Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world this week
PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum points programs are merging
How to get the best deal from your telecoms provider

Yukon government doesn’t fret over payday loans

Earlier this month, provinces and territories got the go-ahead to regulate loan sharks and their payday-lending cousins.

More than skin deep

Kala Neumann's hands and nails are soft and perfectly manicured. The nails she's working on could use a little help. Neumann is one of eight students enrolled in Yukon College's Skills for Employment in Esthetics program.

Kinross to buy Underworld

Canadian mining giant Kinross Mining Corporation is buying out Underworld Resources, owners of the White Gold property near Dawson City. Kinross is one of Canada's biggest gold producers.

Community TV goes for the gold

In February, those tuning in WHTV’s community channel to take a peek at Main Street are going to be in for a surprise.

Banishing bottles and bringing on bags

Heavy plastic bottles are making an exit at Yukon Spring to be replaced by lighter, more environmentally friendly bags. The long-time Yukon company has been providing bulky 18.

Trash talking Whitehorse waste

To his adversaries, Dr. Paul Connett is an environmental evangelist - the Jimmy Swaggart of Trash. But this doesn't faze the zero-waste expert.

Outside the Cube wins national award

Projecting Yukon wilderness into a congested urban centre has landed a local marketing agency national recognition. Outside the Cube has won a Canadian Marketing Association award.

Permafrost could tip climate change scales

The Arctic is climate change's whipping post. We've all seen the pictures of lonely polar bears floating on ice floes. Or watched Greenland's glaciers splinter into the sea.

Rolling up Mexican flavour in Rotary Park

Sick of slopping sewage, Ray Mazurak moved to avocadoes. Between bouts of burrito building, the animated 27-year-old entrepreneur talked shop on…

Turning our best friends into ashes

In a land of ice, snow and permafrost, the delicate task of burying deceased pets has always posed a problem.

What it takes to be a wildland firefighter

Eva Holland Special for the News The standardized fitness test for Canada's wildland firefighters is as much a game of strategy as it is a feat of raw strength and endurance. I learn that quickly, but not soon enough.

Yukon farm forced to close — for now

Garret Gillespie and Heidi Marion knew they might be planting more seeds than they could hope to grow.

Passive House helps pay for itself

Antonio Zedda is actively trying to make the Yukon more passive - at least in terms of home design. The Whitehorse based architect is organizing a Passive House certification course for this January.

Northwestel considers new fibre optic line

For residents fed up with the territory's periodic Internet outages, Yukon Premier Darrell Pasloski's recent budget speech contained a promising tidbit.

Mapping the hazards of climate change

It’s no secret that many Yukon homes are built on permafrost. And it’s not news that as the climate warms, pockets of permafrost are starting to thaw, causing roads and foundations to settle unevenly.

Visitors seek refuge in new Whitehorse hostel

A man carrying a giant cardboard box is awkwardly making his way down the basement stairs of the newly opened Lead Dog Backpacker's Inn. "Do you need a hand with that?" says Mike Tribes, one of the hostel's co-owners.

Portable forest village — with mountain bikes

First there was nothing. Then there was bike-friendly yurt accommodation. Perched amid the high bluffs of Long Lake Road lies a hobbit-like…