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Build a sustainable future

Build a sustainable future Yukoners Concerned About Oil & Gas Exploration wish the Yukon delegation to COP21 a fulfilling and successful trip to Paris. Our main goal in our advocacy is to take action for a sustainable future. To this end we believe that Y

Everyone has a role to end violence against women

Everyone has a role to end violence against women Every year, a group of Yukon women's organizations and community partners sit down to scheme up a "new angle" on the prevention of violence against women in order to draw attention to this critical issue

Think about our children

Think about our children Open letter to Resources Minister Scott Kent: I wrote last year that 2015 was going to be the year that we turn this big energy ship around. Our new federal government has recognized the climate problem and are now taking action t

Northern Cross’s plans are a pipe dream

Sebastian Jones By the time you read this, the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board will have been working with Northern Cross Yukon for over a year to assess the company's proposal to explore for oil at Eagle Plain. The plans include u

Some Yukon phones unable to take calls from Mexico

Some Yukon phones unable to take calls from Mexico I live in Mexico for the winter. I thought some of your readers would find it interesting that they effectively have a second-class phone number. What I mean is that they cannot be contacted from most of

Remembering a war’s cost

Remembering a war's cost I read the list of names in Doug Sack's Nov. 11 article on Canadians in Vietnam. My heart skipped a beat when I knew what I was looking for, my friend, Frank Delmark. This was the mid '60s and Frank had a couple of years of unive

Don’t let ISIS win

Don't let ISIS win How Canadians respond to the Syrian refugee crisis after the Paris killings will be a test. The bloody Friday night in Paris has triggered an understandable climate of fear. Will we still be willing to welcome the desperate Syrian men,

A mine that environmentalists like

Conservationists in the Yukon are often accused of being anti-mining. While the Yukon Conservation Society has opposed certain mines, we do not oppose all mining. All YCS asks is that mining be done right and in socially and environmentally

Peel decision should reflect public’s will

Peel decision should reflect public's will The Court of Appeal that heard the Peel case has made a decision that would take the consultation process back to an earlier stage. That means the Yukon Party government will be allowed to accept, modify or rej

Leave Yukon’s oil in the ground

Leave Yukon's oil in the ground The Government of Yukon is in the process of amending its Oil and Gas Act. It asked the public to submit comments, by Sept. 14, by answering a set of questions it set out or by making a written submission. A written docume

Why getting the flu shot is still the right thing to do

Dr. Brendan Hanley Just as in baseball, every year, the flu season comes with a new twist. Two years ago we had a bad H1N1 season where many younger, otherwise healthy adults were taken by surprise with some bad cases of influenza. A year ago - in Novem

The Yukon Party has lost its way

Kevin Brewer Recently I read an article online reviewing reasons for the federal Conservatives losing power. The article stressed that the Conservatives lost control of the federal agenda and the conservative movement in Canada has basically been driven

Lest we forget

The Whitehorse Legion would like to thank the First Nations people of the Yukon for their contributions to Canada's war efforts. Approximately 12,000 aboriginal people from across Canada served in the First and Second World Wars and Korean

Let us all work to be messengers of peace

Lillian Nakamura Maguire We never hear much about making peace. Seems to always be about war, conflicts and national security. Would it be different if women ruled the world? Perhaps if men carried a growing fetus for nine months they would value life mo

Dan Curtis is an exceptional mayor

Now that the dust has settled and a new council embarks on a three-year term, I would like to express my appreciation for Mayor Dan Curtis. True to form, at the last meeting of the outgoing council, Dan highlighted the

‘Tremendous appreciation’

'Tremendous appreciation' I would like to thank Air North for the kind assistance and consideration for the help given to me on the morning flight on Friday, Oct. 30 from Vancouver to Whitehorse. There was an emergency landing made on my behalf at Prince

Hunting on the Dempster should be done with more respect

Joanne Devenish I am deeply saddened and disappointed by my recent firsthand observations of some caribou hunting practices north of Rock River up the Dempster Highway on October 14 and 15. I drove north to observe the caribou migration that has once aga

Zero tolerance for whose misinformation?

Zero tolerance for whose misinformation? During question period on Oct. 22, the Yukon Party's Energy, Mines and Resources Minister Scott Kent pontificated: "We want Yukoners to be equipped with knowledge so they can combat the misinformation and fear tha

No end in sight for strategic voting

No end in sight for strategic voting It is interesting to note the difference in John Thompson's editorials of October 16 and 23. ("To end strategic voting, vote strategically," and, "'Real change' will ring empty without electoral reform"). The first s

One Yukoner’s account of the Francis Effect

Marlon Davis At the end of September I had the honour of going to see Pope Francis in Philadelphia and attend the World Meeting of Families, a four-day conference for Catholics from around the world. With the glee of a child, I braced my friends and fami