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Psychiatry has done more harm than good

Psychiatry has done more harm than good How many psychiatrists does it take to hang a light bulb? That's easy. None! You don't need a psychiatrist to do that. You probably don't need a psychiatrist for anything. When I read the Dec. 9 article saying the

More on animal abuse

More on animal abuse Re: Time to get serious about animal abuse (Dec. 4): I just want to thank Mike Grieco for having the backbone and commitment to say it exactly like it is. Dogs are not the problem, people are. Just what does one expect for a living be

The Yukon needs a seniors strategy

The Yukon needs a seniors strategy I have been following the debate on the proposed continuing care facility and palliative care services not only in the community but also in the legislative assembly on Nov. 25 and Dec. 1. I am an "alarmed senior" as P

Yukon’s mental health delivery needs an overhaul

Dr. Leo Elwell RE: Territory struggles with psychiatrist shortage (Dec. 9): I am a psychiatrist, fully qualified under both the American and Canadian systems with an additional subspecialty qualification in addiction medicine. I am an examiner for the Ro

Dempster Highway may lose ‘the Magic and the Mystery’

Dempster Highway may lose 'the Magic and the Mystery' Open letter to Angus Robertson, deputy minister of the Department of Highways: Congratulations on your recent appointment. I am wondering if, in getting settled in your new position, you have had the t

Invest in Canada’s future

Lillian Nakamura Maguire Canada is a culturally rich and diverse country, largely because it is made up of immigrants and refugees who have contributed to its development. Consider the Irish refugees who came in boatloads in the 1800s, many of whom died

Join us at Lights of Life

Join us at Lights of Life Hospice Yukon would like to invite all Yukoners to the opening ceremony of the 25th annual Lights of Life event on Tuesday, Dec. 15. The ceremony begins at 12:15 p.m. in the foyer of the Elijah Smith Building. We will be joined b

Thanks for the help

Thanks for the help This is to thank Megan Fullar, an employee of the Whitehorse Home Hardware store's plumbing sales department. She helped locate the parts I needed for my heating system, then on her own time rose at 4 a.m. to place a call to eastern C

Yukon College’s difficult path to university status

Alex Usher Recently Yukon Education Minister Doug Graham announced that the territory was going to change the name of Yukon College to Yukon University. The college then proceeded to state that it would launch new degree programs and seek membership in U

We can help Syrians and fight Canadian poverty too

We can help Syrians and fight Canadian poverty too Suppose a woman steps over a homeless person on the street to pick up a starving kitten and nurture it. Some would say that her charity is misdirected, that she should be helping the homeless person inst

Would Northwestel’s planned fibre loop boost Internet reliability? Absolutely

Would Northwestel's planned fibre loop boost Internet reliability? Absolutely It's amazing to think that a single buried fibre cable, barely one half-inch in diameter but thousands of kilometers long, plays such a big role in connecting northerners to th

Government MLAs should practise active listening

Government MLAs should practise active listening Hello my name is Sofia Lang. I was born and raised in Whitehorse, and I'm 10 turning 11. I recently went to our legislative assembly with our Grade 5 class from Whitehorse Elementary School. I thought it wa

Time to get serious about animal abuse

Time to get serious about animal abuse Dog abuse, dog neglect and dog killings are the norm in many northern communities. The Yukon News had already reported on this very issue: "Ross River's gone to the dogs" (the News, Aug. 2, 2008). Seven years later,

Remembering Alex Van Bibber

Harvey Jessup It has been a year since my friend, Alex Van Bibber, one of Yukon's most well-known and legendary pioneers, passed away. I miss him every day. As unreasonable as it sounds, I wanted to believe Alex would be with us forever. He was pushing 1

Time for a new pact to protect the Porcupine caribou herd

Darius Elias Vadzaih yeendoo gweeheendaii geenjit -"Caribou in the future, they are going to live" When I was very young, living out on the Old Crow Flats in the spring, my late grandmother Mary Kassi would speak to the Raven in Gwich'in, asking when t

Oil production could be a boon for the Yukon

David Thompson Northern Cross (Yukon) Limited appreciates the opportunity to respond to the Nov. 25 commentary by Sebastian Jones of Yukon Conservation Society. Northern Cross welcomes a dialogue with all interested parties regarding its projects, our do

Become a parliamentary page

Become a parliamentary page I am writing to remind Yukon students of an excellent educational opportunity through the Parliamentary Page Programs in the Senate and House of Commons, which are currently recruiting for the 2016-2017 academic year. These pr

Thanks for your support

Thanks for your support In order to bring closure to my political life, it seems appropriate to thank my supporters of 32 years. It's not possible or wise to name specific people who have played a significant role over such along period of time. However,

Housing is at the heart of a healthy community

Bill Thomas & Kristina Craig This past Sunday was National Housing Day in Canada, so now is a great opportunity to recognize the importance of housing in our lives. It is also a chance to think about and question our approach to housing and homelessness

Selwyn is committed to doing mining right

Selwyn is committed to doing mining right This letter is in response to the Nov. 18 commentary by the Yukon Conservation Society's mining analyst, Lewis Rifkind, titled "A mine that environmentalists like." In his commentary, Mr. Rifkind concluded that