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It’s time for truly non motorized trails

The City of Whitehorse's old snowmobile bylaw was rewritten and passed by mayor and council in 2012, as was the atv bylaw. 

The Yukon Quest should clamp down on dog culling

The Yukon Quest should clamp down on dog culling The Yukon Quest international dog race is built on the exploitation of dogs known as "sled dogs." Unknown numbers of dogs are bred in order to develop the perfect racing team. Tethering dogs, usually by ch

Call the election now

Call the election now Open letter to Premier Darrell Pasloski: First, I wish to know how much it cost to produce the newspaper insert bragging about all your "accomplishments"? It seems like you re-printed the headlines from all your press releases. Thos

Yukon’s environmental review regime is a mess

 In the course of one short week that will impact opportunities for Yukoners throughout the territory for decades to come, the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board demonstrated its systemic flaws and its lack of capacity

Working for the Yukon government is no cake walk

Working for the Yukon government is no cake-walk Re: Kyle Carruthers' Feb. 3 column, "In battle for talent, it's hard for businesses to compete with Yukon government's perks." I have heard this argument many times before. I have worked for the Yukon gove

The Yukon should get serious about curbing its carbon output

Stu Clark, John Maissan and Richard Price Recently, we learned from the Climate Change Indicators report that the Yukon's climate is warming at double the national average, and includes permafrost changes and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. As citiz

Thanks for covering our community

Thanks for covering our community I would once again like to thank Yukon News for sending Tom Patrick all the way to Carcross to cover our Judo tournament. We greatly appreciate the time, energy and expense that Yukon News puts into our community. Many o

The city’s curbside recycling plans are a regressive cash grab

Roger Rondeau I read your Jan. 22 editorial regarding waste management and in particular the need for a new city program for curbside pick-up and processing of recyclable products. You make some valid points. However, there are some points that need criti

No referendum needed on electoral reform

No referendum needed on electoral reform The election for the first time ever of a federal party that has committed to electoral reform - perhaps the most significant move to fulfilling our Charter right of effective and equal representation - seems to h

Blackstock deserves praise

 The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ruled the Canadian government is discriminatory in its funding of child welfare services to some children in Canada. For Cindy Blackstock of the Family Caring Society, I am grateful for you

YuWin is worth keeping

YuWin is worth keeping Having just read your Jan. 22 article "Popular Yukon job site set to close" I would like to comment. I am the owner of a small business (approximately 16 employees). I would like to state unequivocally that I have never in my 14+ y

Feds should have announced new cadet facility

Feds should have announced new cadet facility I am writing with regard to the report in of the Multipurpose Army Cadet Facility which will be built in Whitehorse. Speaker Laxton has been a strong advocate for the facility and a champion for cadets and ve

Calling all Hank Karr fans

Calling all Hank Karr fans "When I first met Hank Karr back in 1965, he was the hottest property to hit the Yukon since sourdough pancakes and fresh oranges. He was a ball of musical energy. This Saskatchewan born son of the soil could deliver any song wi

Thanks for cutting a cash strapped pensioner a break

Thanks for cutting a cash-strapped pensioner a break I wish to express my deep-felt thanks to staff and management of Kal-Tire for the great service and repairs done on my 2000 Pontiac. Long story short, my car was in desperate need of repairs. They not o

Consider ‘The D’

Chris Windeyer Special to the News Let nobody say government cannot move quickly when it's properly motivated. Yukon's Department of Health and Social Services moved swiftly and surely to stamp out any trace of its instantly infamous "We all need the D" p

Thanks for keeping our city trails clear

Thanks for keeping our city trails clear Open letter to Whitehorse mayor and council: Active Trails Whitehorse Association would like to thank mayor and council for providing the necessary funding to allow the clearing of snow on the Riverfront Trail fro

Don’t shutter YuWIN

Don't shutter YuWIN I feel that the decision to cut funding to the YuWIN online job board is an egregious error. This is a website that receives thousands of hits per day, so it is very actively being used in the Yukon. I can personally attest to its succ

City wide blue box boosters are preposterous

City-wide blue box boosters are preposterous The Utilities Consumers' Group has been reading and hearing all sorts of rhetoric, including the curbside recycling report prepared for the City of Whitehorse, regarding the necessity for the City to implement

Hard luck on those hard rock royalties

Lewis Riftkind Those who are immersed in the Yukon mining sector - and they are getting to be few in numbers these days given the collapse in commodity prices - might have noticed a bit of a buzz around some proposed hard rock mining projects. Kaminak Go