Yukon News

Free your clocks and the rest will follow

Did you take advantage of daylight saving time?

The cost of bureaucracy


Let public review trail applications sooner

Inclusiveness is one of the four guiding principles of the 2007 trail plan. This principle commits the city “to including the public in determining guidelines for trail system development, use, preservation and maintenance.”

Carbon tax unfair


Open letter to Yukon government on addictions

All your efforts to help Yukoners with addiction issues are of good intentions and worthy.

Liberals failing to lead on climate change

What if I told you that to reduce violence against women, we need to give more power to men?

Parking snitch isn’t very neighbourly

Yes, life in the Yukon has been a good experience in the 50 or so years I have been here, but lately I am not so sure.

Conservation good, carbon tax bad

David Suzuki recently wrote in the News: “It’s past time we started conserving energy and shifting to cleaner sources.” I agree.

Nominations round out party slates as election nears

Both opposition parties nominated new candidates this past week as all three major parties approach full rosters for this fall’s territorial election.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church announces pastors

As many in the faith community in Whitehorse are aware, we at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church have been without a pastor for the past two and a half years. We would like to announce to the community an arrangement we have made with the Synod of Alberta and the Territories.

Judge’s remarks inappropriate

According to an article in the July 22nd Whitehorse Star under the headline Ex-cadet committed sexual assault, court rules, Judge Luther found the “complainant foolish to have allowed the defendant to lie in his bed at that hour, and foolish to have allowed the defendant to persuade him to play the game.”

Public art a worthy investment

Is Whitehorse a community that values its culture or is it merely a place people move to in order to make money?