Vivian Belik

Takhini residents sing siren song, win plea

A plan to build a temporary ambulance station on Range Road was turfed this week following an overwhelming outcry from Takhini residents.

Winning ad campaign is sick

How do you take an age-old message and spin it in a way that people will notice? It's a difficult thing, said Aasman Design director Margriet Aasman. Last year, the company was approached by Health and Social Services to create a campaign around hand-washing and germs.

Dawson filmmaker wins award for stimulating movie

Lulu Keating gives new meaning to the term stimulus funding. The Dawson film director was recently awarded $100,000 to make a movie pulled from the pages of her own sex life.

More planning needed for McIntyre Creek

Any McIntyre Creek development must be better designed, say critics who oppose the city's plan to build a residential subdivision in the area.

Building homes, and angry neighbours

Razing neighbourhood spruce trees to build more homes in Riverdale is going to turn the area into an "urban slum," council heard during a marathon council meeting on Monday.

City considers new ambulance station

Yukon Emergency Medical Services is considering opening a second ambulance station at the top of Two Mile Hill where the former mine rescue station on Range Road used to be.

Painter blossoms with age

Ilgvars Steins is proof that creativity doesn't die off with age. The older Steins gets, it seems the bolder his work becomes. Last week, the 84-year-old painter celebrated the opening of his latest exhibit at the Confluence Art Gallery at Dawson's School of Visual Arts.

Dawson fisher challenges department

There are more chum salmon in the Yukon River, but fishers haven't seen a corresponding increase in their allowable catch, say locals.

Emergency personnel not adequately trained in river safety and rescue

If you fall into the river, don't count on an emergency responder being there to pull you out. Though drownings and near-drownings are pretty common here - nine people have died in Yukon waters in the last three years - emergency personnel aren't adequately trained.

Treading the line between danger and fun

Normally people aren't encouraged to leap headlong into the Yukon River. With regular drownings and near-drownings every year, the river is a known killer.

In the Yukon, miners stand above the rest of the community

Glenda Bolt wonders why miners' rights trump the rights of citizens. Bolt has lived in the Yukon for 24 years. Five years ago, she bought a house on Dawson's Midnight Dome hoping to retire there.

Yukon government deaf to Dawson

DAWSON CITY The territory has a stranglehold on Dawson when it comes to community planning, say current and former town officials.

Water board grants licence to controversial Dawson mine

This town's authority over the Slinky placer mine has been effectively "neutered" by the Yukon government, says Mayor Peter Jenkins.

Dawson takes miner to court

Dawson takes miner to court Monday, Dawson filed a statement of claim with the Yukon territorial court against miner Darrell Carey.

Safety primary issue raised by taxi consultation

The city's taxi industry doesn't seem well regulated, say taxi-users who took part in a recent consultation.

You’re never too old to learn

Ruth Welsh will tell you you're never too old to learn. The 78-year-old walked to the podium last week to receive a two-year diploma from the Yukon College.

City blocks petition request

A Riverdale resident has been told she doesn't have the right to circulate a petition regarding infill of her neighbourhood.

Company renews bid to explore for gold in Tombstone Park

An application to work quartz claims in Tombstone Territorial Park has revived a debate over whether mining should be allowed in the park.

City accused of dumping on residents

A group of Copper Ridge residents are taking the city to court for damages caused by snow piled near their properties a year ago.

Greenery rises from the rot

Landfill manager Dan Jordan likens composting to baking a cake. It's a strange analogy when you consider what's cooking away at the city's landfill is far from edible.