Vivian Belik

Government flouts national building codes at upscale hotel

The Yukon government is allowing a hotel to rent rooms that aren't up to code to unwitting guests, despite being well aware of the violations. Inn on the Lake is perched on the peaceful waters of Marsh Lake, in the community of M'Clintock Place.

Dance studio feels pinch of frozen training fund

When Music Yukon sparked an audit of the Cultural Industry Training Fund last fall, it left Leaping Feats Dance Studio scrambling for money.

Tombstone mining project dumped

Canadian United Minerals won't be driving snowmachines and flying helicopters through Tombstone Park this winter. The Yukon government has barred the local mining company from searching for gold there.

Tank farm site officially contaminated

Whitehorse may have lost another area for residential development...

Education pulls French programming in Dawson

There are few options for francophone students living in Dawson. This school year, there are even less.

Yukon’s Jackass

There are things that should never be done with Tabasco sauce and lime juice. Snorting the peppery sauce up your nose and squeezing lime juice into your eyes is one example.

Federal money funnelled into Beaufort Sea drilling

Federal money funnelled into Beaufort Sea drilling Ottawa is spending $2.18 million in the Yukon to research offshore drilling in the Beaufort Sea.

Use troops to build northern communities

Military spending might just be the fix Northern Canadians need to deal with aging northern infrastructure, says native Yukoner and historian Ken Coates.

Woman sues RCMP claiming negligence caused father’s death

The daughter of Grant McLeod, who died in RCMP custody two years ago, is suing the RCMP claiming her father’s death was caused by “deadly force”.

Music Yukon to be independently reviewed

Yukon's Film and Sound Commission is looking to hire an independent expert to review its funding of Music Yukon.

Yukon Learn forced to close its computer lab

Overwhelming demand for Yukon Learn Society's computers has forced the organization to shut its lab. Once bustling, the empty computer lab now hums quietly with the sound of 12 plugged-in computers sitting unused.

Slinky mine given development permit

A controversial placer mine in the middle of Dawson has received a development permit to operate. For three months, council considered giving Darrell Carey permission to mine his Slinky claims along Dawson's Midnight Dome.

Few lots, not enough developers

The city is falling short in its ability to offer up land to the public, says councillor Ranj Pillai. In 2006, the city signed an accord with the Yukon government to maintain a two-year inventory of housing lots.

How to talk the talk

Ever worry your speech-giving skills aren't quite up to snuff? Maybe you need to take a cue from a baby.

Music Yukon in debt to government

Music Yukon isn't singing about the $56,000 it owes the territory. A government-ordered financial review of the organization has uncovered years of financial mismanagement.

Aboriginal women often overlooked

Wendy Carlick was shopping for graduation shoes with her daughter the day she went missing. It had always been Carlick's dream to see her daughter graduate. She never got that chance.

Atlin Music Festival in the morgue, but still alive

The Atlin Music Festival may have moved into the town's old morgue, but the event is still very much alive. It needs to be noted that, before the move happened, volunteers did a bit of redecorating. The tiny storefront, which had last been used as an addictions and counselling office, had been empty for a couple years.

  • Aug 20, 2010

Power outage zaps businesses

Luigi Zanasi was standing in line at Home Hardware when the power cut out Wednesday. He was about to buy a $100 roasting pan when the cash registers died.

Deadly fire at Norcope gravel pit

An early morning fire on Sunday engulfed a construction trailer in the west end of the city killing a person who was inside. Fire crews responded to the fire at 6:55 a.m.

Messy miner wants to keep digging

When Joel White went looking for gold in Tombstone Park 10 years ago, he left behind a mess. There were leaking fuel barrels, boxes of unattended explosives, trenches that were never filled and tarps blowing around in the wind.