Vivian Belik

Miner rocks in court again

Daniel Sabo's space rock case is again before the Yukon Supreme Court. For more than a decade, Sabo has claimed the Geological Survey of Canada stole pieces of a meteorite he found near Mayo.

Whitehorse restaurant shuns blood, feathers and fur

Ruby Thomas-Cezette has a secret to staying young - she avoids meat. The 75-year-old swears by her vegetables and is convinced they're the reason she's not at home knitting or watching television.

Drunk driver injures four

A drunk driver slammed into the back of taxi cab Sunday night leaving four people injured. The 22-year-old driver was speeding north on Second Avenue when he smashed into the back of a taxi stopped at a red light.

Problem bear shot

On Friday, a bear that was visiting people’s backyards in Copper Ridge was shot. The brown-coloured black bear was spotted several times last week rooting through garbage cans and wandering near the greenbelt area.

Bear aware

Bear aware A black bear has been getting a little too comfortable in Copper Ridge recently. Yukon conservation officer Ryan Hennings has received numerous calls from residents who have spotted a brown-coloured black bear dining on their trash.

Life through a new lens

Slip on a pair of 3D glasses and you'll get a sense of how Judy Matechuk sees the world. Last year the visual artist lost partial vision in her right eye. A vein blew up in the back of her retina.

Forced back to the land

When Pamela Brown and her husband moved to the Yukon this April, they didn't expect to be living in their storage trailer for five months. The Albertan couple looked everywhere for a place to live.

Tunnelling company charged with negligence after death

When Paul Wentzell parked his company's Toyota Land Cruiser on a slope at the Wolverine mine site last October, his emergency brake failed. The vehicle rolled down the hill hitting 20-year-old Wentzell, killing him.

Stalking speeders and drunk drivers

The driver wrapped his lips around the portable breathalyzer and blew into it weakly. He'd been nabbed at a checkstop set up on Mountain View drive in Whitehorse Saturday night. The checkstop went up at 8 p.m.

Visiting homelessness expert to sleep on the street

On Michael Shapcott's first visit to Whitehorse he'll be sleeping on the streets. The Toronto-based housing and homelessness expert will roll out a makeshift bed Wednesday night and sleep in a parking lot across the street from the Salvation Army.

Official Community Plan on the books

After almost three years, the city's Official Community Plan has finally been passed.

Firefighters fired up over wage negotiations

In Whitehorse, a firefighter who saves you from a burning building is paid less than the garbage truck driver who hauls your trash. Firefighters inhale carcinogenic fumes, scale fiery buildings and carry loads far more than their body weight.

Otherworldly wolves, ravens and moons

Sandra Storey's art literally leaps off the walls. Wednesday night one of her clay wolves featured at Gallery 22 decapitated itself and tumbled to the ground. Amazingly, nothing broke.

Whitehorse’s parking conundrum

Contrary to what angry downtown drivers may say, Whitehorse doesn't have a parking problem. What it has is a problem with how it manages its parking spaces. That's what the city's latest parking study has revealed.

On the hunt for a home

Samson Hartland had an overwhelming sense of deja vu while looking for a place to live this week. He's one of five people who took part in a shelter challenge organized by the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition.

Watch where you park

Watch where you park Last month the city starting cracking down on drivers parking in disabled parking spaces. Already, they've handed out $7,500 in parking fines to people who ignore the parking signs.

Remembering aboriginal women who’ve been stolen away

For 37 years Gretta Thorlakson has wondered how her sister died. At the age of 14, Barbara Jean Jack went missing from a group home in Whitehorse. A year later her remains were found on Grey Mountain.

Chickens in downtown Whitehorse what the cluck?

Depending on who you talk to, Kaeley Wiseman had different birds stowed in her backyard over the year. To her neighbours - who helped feed them - they were chickens.

Bush party hit and run

Bush party hit-and-run A 16-year-old boy was mowed down by a car early Saturday morning. The teen was at a bush party in the Twin Fields area near Chadburn Lake when a car struck him at around 3 a.m.

Second police review attracts small crowd

The RCMP wants to be more accountable, said Chief Superintendent Peter Clark. That's the message Clark delivered to the 20 people who turned out for the city's second police force review Thursday evening.