Vivian Belik

NDP vow to stay off grid

Hooking the Yukon into BC's electrical grid is a pipe dream, says NDP Leader Liz Hanson. Hanson's comments came a day after the Liberal Party promised to tie the Yukon into the North American grid if elected.

Chickens cause a flap at city council

Green Party Leader Kristina Calhoun is brooding over more than the election these days. She's trying to find a new home for 12 backyard chickens.

Teachers want plug pulled on glitchy computer system

The Yukon's Student Information System has irked teachers. Since the web-based data system was launched last year, teachers have spent much time monkeying with computers instead of teaching.

The bone collectors of Old Crow

This village is a "supermarket" for bones. They're literally falling off the riverbanks, said Vuntut Gwitchin heritage manager Megan Williams.

Pilot survives crash landing in mountain pass

The 42-year-old pilot from Kotzebue, Alaska, had taken off from the Whitehorse airport when his plane was forced down at 9 a.m., roughly 20 kilometres from the border to Alaska.

Food prices soar in the Yukon’s only fly in community

Edna Kyikavichik is praying caribou pass through Old Crow this spring. A good cache of caribou meat means she won't have to rely on the Northern Store for food. Last week, the single mother of three spent $200.

One man’s trash is another man’s fuel

The Yukon could be cashing in on the thousands of tonnes of garbage it throws out each year, says Shannon Mallory. That waste could be heating our homes or fueling our cars.

Challenging a straight church

Last year, Jerome Stueart did one of the hardest things in his life. The church deacon decided to tell his congregation he was gay.

Slinky mine on hold

Dawson residents are waiting to hear what their councillors have to say about a proposal to build a mine in the middle of town. On October 14, the town held an appeal hearing over its decision to grant a conditional permit to Darrell Carey.

Building resentment amongst developers and homeowners

Want to paint your house brick red? If your neighbour's house is already an auburn colour - forget it. The two shades of paint are too similar, according to the city's planning department.

A musical conversation starts in Whitehorse

There's only two reasons people go up North, says Ivan Coyote. Love and money. For Coyote's family - which has four generations planted in the Yukon - it was love.

Sixplex success, for some

Concerns about increased traffic, noise and crime weren't enough to convince councillors that a controversial sixplex shouldn't be built in Porter Creek. The sixplex debate first cropped up in the summer.

Communities to plug into new pots of money

Independent power production may be the way of the future for Yukon municipalities. Money raised from small-scale hydro projects could help pay for increasing infrastructure costs.

Yukon to host Western Canadian Music Awards

Musicians from all over Western Canada will be rocking out in the Yukon next fall for the 2011 Western Canadian Music Awards.

Territory needs tougher ATV laws

A man was almost hit by an ATV driver on the trails near Riverdale this fall, prompting the city to call for tough laws.

Government flashes new drivers’ licences

Yukon drivers' licences will no longer get turned away by skeptical bartenders or Outside police. The new licences sport holographic safety features and a swipeable barcode.

Airport parking at your own risk

Airport parking at your own risk Last week, two vehicles were vandalized in the airport's long-term parking lot. One vehicle had its passenger-side window, mirror and front signal light smashed out.

Slick skulls

Gisli Balzer has a fascination with skulls. The 33-year-old artist started photographing them a year ago while working at a paleontology lab. He snapped photos of cougars, grizzlies, wolves and black bears.

Lots out for lots

Lots out for lots Faced with a city lot shortage, people in Whitehorse are gambling for land. On Tuesday, 199 residents turned out for a city land lottery in hopes of snatching up one of 42 lots for sale.

Old Crow’s ‘spiritual leader’ passes away

Every spring Reverend Dr. Ellen Bruce hiked up King Edward Mountain and prayed that the people of Old Crow would have a good harvest and that the caribou would come. Now it's the people in her community who are praying for her.