Vivian Belik

Speedy acid rock drainage is top priority at the Faro mine site

When Yukon prospector Al Kulan stumbled across a lead-zinc deposit downstream of Ross River in 1953, it's unlikely he imagined his discovery leading to the most environmentally tainted mine site in the territory.

A map for miners: protecting Yukon archeological sites from development

 The Yukon's most recent mining rush has been a boon for prospectors, but it's also meant plenty of challenges for the territory's archeologists.

Nature’s way of cleaning contaminated soils

The next time you think of pulling that mushroom out of your lawn or garden, consider that it might actually be doing your garden a favour. There's growing evidence that mushrooms can break down contaminants, like petroleum products, in soil.

The dog days of Yukon summer

Visit Old Crow and you'll notice the dogs in this remote community aren't like the dogs you see in Vancouver or Whitehorse. They're not sporting tiny dog sweaters or chewing brightly coloured dog toys.

As climate changes, hares stand out like sore thumbs

It's early spring in the Yukon and a white hare is crouching on a patch of open dirt in its mismatched fur coat. The snowshoe hare, whose only defence is to run and who has more than a dozen predators, is an easy target.

Diagnosing FASD: the ‘hidden epidemic’

Talking to parents about fetal alcohol damage is tricky business. No parent wants to admit they've harmed their child, let alone caused a lifelong impairment that was entirely preventable.

If they know it harms their baby, why do women still drink?

When Janet Christie was pregnant with her first child, she was an alcoholic. When waves of morning sickness hit, she was reaching for a drink.

The ABCs of teaching kids with FASD

Shirley McKay's teenage son can play poker but he can't read. Her other son has read Moby Dick and all the Harry Potter books. But ask him what they're about and he won't be able to tell you until he's seen the movie.

Justice system fails people with FASD

Sylvie Baril's son has been in and out of jail more than a dozen times. He's only 19. Each time he's released from jail, he usually breaks his probation order in less than a week.

Caring for people with FASD: from joy to pure ‘hell’

Jenny Jackson still chokes up when she talks about seeing her daughter, Crystal, for the first time. She was 17 months old and weighed only 10 1/2 pounds.

FASD means a struggle for life

Victor and Viola McIntosh's Whitehorse living room is crowded with pictures of their young children. They only get to see their kids once a week.

Adventures in energy purging

The Kitchen-Kuiacks were environmentalists before the movement was even trendy. In the '80s, Marguerite and her husband Brian started storing glass bottles and tins beneath their Marsh Lake cabin.

Pharmacies make it hard for women to pop the pill, say women’s groups

The Yukon has the highest abortion rate per capita in all of Canada. In 2006, the territory had 39.5 abortions for every 100 live births.

New land up for grabs

New land up for grabs The city is making a .16-hectare piece of land in Takhini North available to developers. The $833,000 swath of land is large enough to accomodate 29 single-family lots, said city planning manager, Mike Gau.

Singing the tenting blues

Keara Campbell doesn't have much faith that housing options will change when a new government is elected. Then again, she's hoping she'll no longer be living in the tent city outside the Yukon legislature by that point.

Parties promise artists won’t be singing for their supper

If elected, the Liberals promise they will double the Yukon artists’ touring fund to $200,000 from $100,000 and guarantee three year funding to arts group.

See Quebec’s best kept secret, tonight only

It’s the first time Quebec-based band Karkwa has toured western Canada in its 13 years together and its members have seen sold-out audiences almost everywhere they’ve performed.

NDP promises better internet

The NDP will sink $1.5 into internet and cellphone infrastructure if elected, said leader Liz Hanson on Thursday. Businesses risk losing contracts because of unreliable Yukon service, she said.

Edelweiss grounded


No debate in Old Crow

No debate in Old Crow Old Crow's Liberal MLA, Darius Elias, wants to square off in a debate against his opponent, the Yukon Party's Gary Njootli. But Njootli says it isn't necessary. "(A) forum is not going to change people's minds.