Tristin Hopper

Build it and they will come

Pump the territory with farming infrastructure, and more farms will follow. This is one of many outcomes promised by a new $5-million federal subsidy for Yukon farms.

Waste not, want not

Nick Hayden and David Lister can't grow facial hair, but their Nationals-bound science fair projects could save millions of dollars in fuel.

Raven prepping for recycling deluge

As more cans and bottles make their way to Yukon recycling bins, Raven Recycling is bracing for the influx. On Wednesday, the Yukon government pledged $75,000 to help schools boost their waste-diversion programs.

The long road to no burn

CARCROSS Whatever stops the garbage from burning, just do it -- and do it quickly, Carcross residents told officials during a public meeting on Wednesday night.

Get Out!

More to tell It's been at least a few days since performer Brian Fidler did some local theatre. And, hey look -- he's directing Tell Me More, a joint production by Gwaandak Theatre and the Yukon Association for Community Living.

It’s ‘Whitehorsian,’ proclaims linguist

What do you call someone who lives in Whitehorse? A Whitehorsian? Whitehorser? Whitehorsite? An Outsider? "If you want an expert's opinion, it's Whitehorsian," said Daniel Siddiqi, an assistant professor of linguistics at C

Learning math in gumboots

Learning about biology is much easier when you're wrist deep in a coyote. Chemistry is more pertinent when you're facing Faro's heavy-metal- and toxin-ravaged landscape.

Takhini North piper found, but how to pay him?

Takhini North's convoluted labyrinth of war-era sewer and water pipes finally has a surgeon. But residents and city officials are continuing their court battle to see who's going to pay him.

Welcome, or kill? Wildlife officials ponder winter ticks

Nobody knows if winter ticks are dangerous to Yukon wildlife, but it's best to keep them under control in the meantime, say Yukon wildlife officials.

It’s all over now, nonwheeled garbage cans

The era of heavy, awkward, wheelless garbage cans is finally over. City-supplied wheeled plastic totes ?-- deemed a success in Porter Creek -- will be distributed to every Whitehorse house by early May.

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Appreciate these swans If the melting snow weren't enough to signify the coming of spring, hordes of large, angry birds are coming to drive the point home.

Luck of the draw for Whitehorse refugee claimants

Whitehorse resident Jacqueline Garcia, her mother and four of her sisters made identical arguments when seeking refugee status in Canada. Two were allowed to stay, three will be deported back to Mexico.

Sustaining the trees, sustaining the people

Human civilization has always used the boreal forest. Now, forest ecologist Herb Hammond shows us how not to destroy it.

The push is on to make McIntyre Creek a park

Frequented by moose, birds, skiers and, more recently, encroaching development -- McIntyre Creek is the perfect place for an official park, say proponents.

Seeing beneath the waves

When David Welch first became a salmon biologist in the mid 1980s, world salmon populations were abundant and cellphones were merely oversized curiosities. Fifteen years later, salmon stocks had shrunk dramatically.

Chinook bycatch set at 60,000

Alaska pollock fishers will only be allowed to snare 60,000 chinook in their nets during the 2009 season, Alaska regulators announced on Monday afternoon.

Growth industry

Ten thousand years after some Mesopotamians first got the bright idea to plant some corn seeds, it's hard to imagine the gardening industry has any new ideas up its sleeve.

Gun registry dodging Conservative bullets

A Senate-initiated bill to kill Canada's controversial long-gun registry seems likely to fail, says Yukon MP Larry Bagnell.

Better late great than never

Before a sold-out crowd at Montreal's world renowned-international jazz festival in 2004, two of the world's greatest jazz pianists joined each other on stage for the first time.

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MUSIC First aid for soul Whisked out of his Yukon home by the nationwide success of the Peters Drury Trio, Whitehorse-born keyboardist Jesse Peters is coming back with a funksoul sound the likes of which ye have never see