Tristin Hopper

RCMP shortage in rural Yukon

Increasing demands and thinly stretched resources are hampering the RCMP's ability to police Yukon communities.

Building bridges, breaking chains

Six years after Yukon Grade 12 student Mauricio Ruiz first set foot on Canadian soil, he has attained the country's most prestigious scholarship. For the Vanier Catholic Secondary School student the award was "unexpected.

Mortgage program pilfered, say Liberals

Despite accusations Yukon Housing Corporation's mortgage funding is being "siphoned off," the minister responsible is refusing to provide budget details.

Yukon Quest moved a week earlier to entice Iditaroders

The Yukon Quest will now start a week earlier in February, easing the transition for mushers looking to run both the Quest and the Iditarod.

Pig flu on the wing

As expected, the Yukon has been hit with its first case of the H1N1 influenza -- commonly known as swine flu. The flu was contracted by an adult Yukon female who had recently travelled in Mexico.

Watson Lake convenience store bars entry to RCMP

Watson Lake cops are going to have a hard time scrounging up fried chicken and potato wedges -- they've been banned from the Tags convenience store.

Carry on virtuosos

It's hard coaxing a concert out of junk. Jean Martin, Justin Haynes and Ryan Driver, three acclaimed Toronto-based jazz musicians, have mounted their latest tour with only a ukulele, a suitcase and a bristle from a streetsweeper.

Mortgage funding tapped out, politician pleased

Yukon Housing Corporation's slashed mortgage budget is "excellent news," says Jim Kenyon. In only three weeks, the mortgage program completely exhausted its yearly budget, which was a little more than half the money spent in the previous year, said Kenyon, minister responsible for the housing corporation.

Get out!

WILDLIFE Now with more cranes For sheep-saturated countries such as New Zealand, the concept of an actual sheep-viewing festival is charmingly quaint. However, kiwi sheep aren't known for climbing cliff faces.

Whitehorse to compile census data

When Whitehorse enumerators start knocking on doors to update the elector's list for October's election, they'll also be asking who's home.

Lot owners stranded by snapped up Yukon Housing mortgages

In just 30 days, home buyers snapped up a year's worth of Yukon Housing mortgages -- leaving some financially strapped lot owners in the lurch.

Farming on the fringe

Steve Mackenzie-Grieve grows good grain. Almost too good. After 10 years of nurturing the territory's silty soil, the Yukon Grain Farm proprietor wants short grains. Tall, robust grain takes too much time to mature, and growing seasons are short in the Yukon.

Norway institute baffles cash strapped Canadian scientists

While the Canadian government builds an Arctic research centre in Norway, Canada's own northern researchers are being shown the door, says Yukon MP Larry Bagnell.

Bin biking?

Commuters aren't likely to ride a $7,000 bike to work just to park it outside in the rain in plain view of vandals and thieves. Enter the bike locker, Whitehorse's newest bid for community sustainability.

Feds to build Arctic research centre in Norway

Arctic sovereignty isn't all about armed icebreakers and ranger patrols; sometimes it just takes a little persuasion.

Get Out!

MUSIC OD on indie Thankfully, a major Canadian touring act has once again mistaken Whitehorse for an actual city.

Alaska puts boots to subsistence chinook fishers

Alaska has cancelled its commercial chinook fishery and limited its subsistence catch in a bid to get more salmon across the Canadian border.

Chief health officer ‘surprised’ if Yukon avoids swine flu

Swine flu may soon hit the Yukon, said Yukon chief medical officer of health Brendan Hanley. Thirteen Canadians have already contracted the virus, which has been suspected of killing 159 in Mexico.

New 810 Wheeler will generate traffic, dust: neighbourhood

First a crack house, and now this. A Habitat for Humanity triplex at 810 Wheeler Street will choke the neighbourhood with car traffic and "dust," said two Wheeler residents to city council on Monday night.

Longest Night’s farm team

Corral a bunch of professional musicians, jam them into a show with amateurs and you get True Stories. At least that's the plan. For the fourth year running, the Longest Night ensemble has emerged from its summer hibernation to spearhead True Stories, the society's off-season collaboration with youth.