Tristin Hopper

Adopted Mae Bachur dog goes ‘crazy’

Matthew Allaby thought he was adopting a friendly dog when he picked up Trevor, a two-year-old German Shepherd/Rottweiler cross, from the Mae Bachur animal shelter. Weeks later, it had bitten three people.

Keep away from Teslin fire

Paddlers are being urged to stay away from a remote wildfire now raging on both sides of the Teslin River. "Do not stop, under any circumstances, in the area of the fire," says a public advisory by Yukon Wildland Fire Management.

Over 30, but still trustworthy

For a city whose tourism market depends on perpetually re-enacting the late-19th century, the Dawson City Music Festival has always given the tiny community a foothold in the modern world.

Micronuclear in Alaska an ‘unnecessary adventure’

Off-grid, inaccessible by road and dependent upon diesel for its power needs, the Yukon River town of Galena, Alaska, has seen energy rates skyrocket to four times the US average.

Study pegs salmon killing zone

Somewhere north of Vancouver Island, something is killing lots of chinook salmon. So says a new report by Nanaimo-based Kintama Research that examines salmon mortality in the Snake River, a tributary of the Columbia.

Ever hear the one about the old horse…

Midway through the last ice age, a prehistoric horse ended its life in muddy ignominy. Twenty-six thousand years later, the horse's tattered skin, which resembles beef jerky, has become a Yukon treasure.

Empty handed, searchers return home

After 20 days and 400 flight hours of combing the Yukon/Alaska wilderness, Canadian search-and-rescue officials have called off the 20-day search for a missing single-engine plane.

Trails North closes, era ends

The customers never stopped coming. The hotel rooms were filled, the restaurant was packed and the bottom line continued to rise. But after more than three decades, Whitehorse highway stop Trails North is closing its doors.

Lightning fried warehouse

A bolt of lightning burned down the abandoned warehouse at Third Avenue and Black Street, investigators have revealed. Arson was initially suspected in the June 11 fire.

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke

Whitehorse skies have taken on a Mexico City tint thanks to wildfires throughout Alaska and the southern Yukon. "Smoke," read Wednesday's Environment Canada weather forecast for Whitehorse -- alongside a graphic of a campfire.

Alaskan protestors net 100 chinook

Protesting US restrictions on the Yukon River, Alaskan subsistence fishers illegally caught 100 chinook salmon on June 26.

Yukon tourists buying less

It's a tourism double whammy. Not only are fewer people visiting the Yukon, the ones we're getting are stingier than normal. "We've noticed a lot more people are asking, 'How much does this cost?' before they engage in any purchases,"

‘Major’ search scaled back

After 13 days of fruitless searching, search-and-rescue officials are scaling back their search for a missing California couple. Gary Petigler, 70, and wife Ingrid, 68, have been missing since June 20...

Red tape leaving Yukon’s wartime artifacts to rot: salvor

A hotspot for Second World War air crashes, the Yukon continues to hold one of North America's richest bounties of wrecks. Dozens of semi-intact planes remain preserved in ice-cold lakes, far from the prying hands of vandals or souvenir hunters.

Get Out!

All the pretty horses Sled dogs remain a viable source of animal transport, but you still can't don period clothing and ride them in a circle. The Classic Open Horse Show returns to Watson Lake.

Local pictures, global changes

Photos of closed factories, unemployment lines and other recession-refugees remain a fixture of magazines and newspapers across the country. For the men and women behind the camera, times are becoming equally tough.

Peel Watershed reveals prehistoric secrets

Dinosaur-era fossils discovered in the Yukon's Peel Watershed last week have scaled up debate over the fate of the wilderness area. "(Fossil sites) give another little bit of a reason to go slow and carefully in developing these areas until we know exactly what we have,"...

Cantung closes again

For the second time in six years, the Cantung tungsten mine is closing its doors. The NWT-based mine is set to shut down October 15, leaving more than 200 workers unemployed, including 75 Yukoners.

Conservative MP spams Yukon

Her Durham, Ontario, riding situated more than 5,000 kilometres away from the Yukon, Conservative MP Bev Oda has little, if anything, to do with the territory.

‘Major’ search still underway for missing Californians

More than 80 people continue to search for a California couple missing for nine days. The effort has now been deemed a "major" search -- the first in Western Canada in almost two years.