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Dawson mayor muzzled

Dawson City Mayor John Steins should stop complaining about gas prices, says an early August resolution by Dawson City councillors.

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BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE Last hike To the casual observer, the 110-year-old Canyon City site looks like nothing more than a pile of rusted cans and rotting shoes.

Sonar glitch caused Chinook surplus

Chinook-rich Yukon fishers can thank a sonar glitch for their good fortunes. Alaska regulators "underestimated" the Yukon River chinook run, causing them to slap unprecedented restrictions on Alaskan subsistence fishers.

Coalition wants zero bycatch

The minute a chinook salmon shows up in a Bering Sea pollock net, the entire fishery should be shut down, says a recent resolution by the Yukon Inter-Tribal Watershed Council, a coalition of 70 Indigenous governments spread

Pay phones demand more quarters

Northern pay phones will now cost two quarters instead of one. But it's not like Northwestel will be getting rich off of it.

Private search begins for missing Whitehorse bound plane

After a month-long, multimillion-dollar US/Canadian search failed to turn up the plane of California couple Gary and Ingrid Patigler, their family will be taking a closer look.

Women in pants

When it comes to outdoor performances, the works of William Shakespeare usually top the bill.

Top soldier drops in on Whitehorse

Russia has announced plans to drop paratroopers at the North Pole; Stephen Harper is suiting up for his third-annual Arctic sovereignty tour, and Operation Nanook, the Canadian Forces annual air, land and sea sovereignty ex

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Put down that tuxedo, this celebration requires jeans This columnist is celebrating Discovery Day by eating pepperoni and watching an all-day Fawlty Towers marathon.

Alaska wants Yukon River labelled a ‘fishery disaster’

With Alaska reeling from its worst-ever chinook salmon harvest, newly-appointed Alaska Governor Sean Parnell is calling for US authorities to declare the Yukon River a "fishery disaster.

Lights up, doormen arrested

Lights up, doormen arrested Just as the lights were about to come up on a comedy show at Coasters Bar and Grill last Wednesday night, RCMP officers came in and arrested two Coasters doormen for assault. About 100 patrons witnessed the arrest.

Fire ban lifted

Yukon campfires are legal again - if you can get one started. Light rain and cloud were reported across much of the Yukon over the weekend, bringing down the forest fire risk. Of course, wildland fire officials still urge caution.

Metal mavens, metal fans

When you hear a vocal falsetto coursing over thrashing guitars, you know that 3 Inches of Blood has hit the stage. It's the voice of Cam Pipes, bringing back the classic vocals of metal bands past.

One town’s vermin…

In Kluane, something killed all the Arctic ground squirrels. As they are usually reviled as pests, a ground-squirrel die-off normally wouldn't be a problem.

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A gold rush theme on a Yukon event and/or festival? What will they think of next? Dawson City's Discovery Days is back. Games, races, movies, a parade and more.

Naivete clouds save Trevor movement

A few long-distance "reconnective healing" sessions, and Trevor the dog won't bite anyone again, wrote reconnective healer Anna Christine Doehring in an e-mail from Nanaimo, BC.

Smoke shrouds territory

Thick hazy smoke can be bad for you, said Premier Dennis Fentie, Health Minister Glenn Hart and other Yukon officials at a Monday morning press conference.

Fire laps at Teslin

Firefighters continue to battle a string of wildfires that cropped up within sight of the village of Teslin. Five new fires erupted outside Teslin on Friday, shrouding the village in thick smoke and sprinkling it with cold ash.

Alaska’s pain, Yukon’s gain

It's not that there's more chinook salmon than usual, it's just that Alaska isn't catching as many.

Google scans Whitehorse streets

Whitehorse's Main Street, circa July 2009, will soon be visible to anyone with an internet connection.