Trish Newport

Chad’s sad prayer

In late June I left Chad. It had been a hectic ending, and I would work until I boarded the plane that evening - but even in all of the craziness I had time to reflect on my last few months here.

Locked in the outhouse

For as long as I can remember I have always had to go to the bathroom three times in the night. I have no idea why, but it happens every night without fail, unless I am moderately dehydrated.

The extraction of an expat

Trish Newport Special to the News Massakory, Chad Intense heat is not something I have ever become accustomed to. Maybe it is the Yukoner in me. It's late May and temperatures in Chad have soared high into the 40s, even 48 C in the shade the other day.

Amidst starvation, a successful story

Chad Somedays with Medecins Sans Frontieres I feel that we are really making a difference. Other days I struggle with our limitations and the changes we don't or can't make.

In Chad, a season for all diseases

The changing of seasons affects the lives of people differently throughout the world. For most of my life the changing of the seasons brought forth a sense of excited anticipation for whatever the upcoming season might bring. In Chad the seasons can be divided by the weather, or by the epidemic.

Redefining remote

Trish Newport Special to the News Massakory, Chad I generally thrive in discomfort, but even I was dutifully impressed by the living conditions in Massakory when I arrived to work for Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Chasing the devil out of health care

Despite our community health project, children in the villages are still dying at home without ever having had a medical consultation.

The famine worsens

Two inseparable elements are combined in Medecins Sans Frontiers' work: medical aid and witnessing.

A new sultan is picked

In Niger, the regions are ruled by kings called sultans. The sultans are highly regarded, and are present at all important functions in the region. The sultan is always accompanied by his entourage of bodyguards...

Assessing risks, and benefits

Trish Newport Special to the News Zinder, Niger Two weeks ago, in Niger, two French men were kidnapped and killed by al-Qaida. One of the men worked for a medical NGO in Niger, and was scheduled to get married this week.