Tor Forsberg

The tale of the woodcutter and the baker

By Tor Forsberg News Correspondent Watson Lake Every Wednesday, the Watson Lake Signpost Seniors serve lunch to members and friends. It's generally a sizeable crowd for a town this size; they serve up to 40 lunches each week.

A solitary life mixed with happiness and sorrow

By Tor Forsberg Special to the News Thirty-five years ago, Pam Nugent left Aldergrove, BC, for Watson Lake, drawn by her new husband. He had a dream of the North, of living in the bush.

Golden days of sunlight and awe

By Tor Forsberg Special to the News WATSON LAKE Some people take a long and circuitous journey to the place they call home. Fritz's Ersfeld's trek north to the sunny little cabin where he now lives with the woman of his dreams was such a one.

Teacher brings lust for life to the town

By Tor Forsberg Special to the News WATSON LAKE Watson Lake is becoming revitalized; there are new people in town and they are young and full of energy and ideas. Jesse Jewel is one of them.

Crossing the ocean, coming to roost

'I miss the heat, all the different shades of green in the vegetation, the lushness, and I really miss the beach," Amanda King says wistfully. "Its summer time at home right now." Home is New Zealand, where

Standing up to adversity

Terri Skerget is on the phone when I arrive for our interview. Normally unflappable, Skerget seems to be suffering some sort of stress that has her voice nearly quavering, so I tactfully occupy myself while she

When in need, call Lorne

We all know or have heard of those people who somehow seem to know everyone. No matter where they go in the world, be it Hawaii, Mexico or Vancouver Island...

After a rough start, an enviable life

Katharine Relkoff is one of those rare and enviable people: she has created the life she wished for; a large family, meaningful work, a lifestyle she loves in a place she enjoys, and all of this with...

Kaska chief stands up for the land

Walter Carlick is a serious man. He is the chief of the Lower Post Daylu Dene council and he is mindful of what he calls the honour and the privilege of his position.