Tor Forsberg

This sourdough lives the life he wanted

Dave Kalles could legitimately be referred to as an old-timer: he has lived in Watson Lake for nearly 40 years and he is 71 years old. After that the term simply doesn't apply.

Mechanic has a soft spot for dachshunds

Chris Beel is a mechanic through and through. "It's not just that it's what I do best, but I still enjoy it. Even after all these many years of doing this sort of work I still find it challenging.

Gentle Steps to good behaviour and strong bonds

The boy wants to ride a horse. That is what he is here for, standing inside the corral where Blackie, the horse he has chosen to team up with, is nibbling the ground on the other side of the enclosure.

New principals take over Watson Lake schools

The elementary and the secondary schools have new leadership this year and, as new people will do, they bring fresh energy and ideas into the schools and the town.

Logger and small businessman toughs it out in the North

"They've got to be kidding; you don't cut trees that tiny - it would be a shame." That was Bill Burdes' first reaction to the Yukon's boreal forest.

Staying young in the outdoors

Some people find their way to the Yukon with a homing instinct; it is as though they were born to live in the wild, finding none of the hardships daunting, only interesting and exciting.

Conservation officer fits his job well

Sometimes there is little separation between the man and the job; they go together like pie and ice cream.

A job well done

Clara and Art Nolan are like a living history book. To sit at their kitchen table, drinking coffee and eating Clara’s homemade cookies, listening as they talk and laugh, sharing some of the events of their lives, is to marvel at the resiliency, the amazing adaptability.

Planes, crashes and memories

There was a traffic jam at Watson Lake airport on Saturday. As well as fire bombers and helicopters running back and forth to the forest fires in the area, there were 15 light aircraft participating in the Governor General’s Cross Canada Cup.

A risk taker reaches out to community

Ruth Stellgas is a vibrant new addition to the community A counselor for the Liard Aboriginal Women's Society, she comes to us from a position of teacher/counsellor at the college in Kelowna,

Bushman spots a bushman

It's not an easy task to get Tim O'Brien talking about something other than hunting and fishing; those are the reasons he came to Watson Lake and those are the reasons he's staying. This is not your average hunter.

Energized woman was hard to catch

Anyone seeing Barb Behr hard at work in the bakery at Super A or visiting her at her mobile home might not imagine how different her real life is, the life she and Dick, her partner of 21 years, will be returning to nexy year.

Teacher says goodbye to students, and the town

A retirement party is a ritual in our culture and, like any ritual, it often loses its meaning and attendance becomes a shade obligatory, with fairly predictable speeches to be politely sat through before everyone can go home.

The legend of Larry Schnig, moose rider

Jim Robb's Colourful Five Per Cent, those aging members of society whose feats are the stuff of legends, rank among the treasures of the Yukon. Larry Schnig is one of them. Take this adventure as an example.

Alberta family recovers B26 bomber from Watson Lake

An Alberta family had the experience of a lifetime the other day when they salvaged a Second World War relic from the cold waters of Watson Lake.

Caring for the children and the community

Vanessa Law wants to talk about daycare, or rather the lack of it in Watson Lake. As a working mother with two young sons it is an important issue; the centre is closed and, everyday, she and her husband have to ensure their children are being cared for while they are at work.

Couple keeps on truckin’

Few people own their own cube van. Laurie Allen owned something even rarer -- a homemade cube van. "Every time that van left the yard, I would watch it break down at the corner," she said.

Honest living, honest happiness in the bush

Prison does a strange thing to a man, even if you're not jailed there, says Charlie Sharkie. "You become just like them; foul-mouthed and mean.

She sailed into calmer waters

For Emily Gee, life's been clear sailing. And she credits that to a year spent on a ship while she was a youth. "My father arranged for me to have a year on the Concordia when I was 17," she says.