Sigrún María Kristinsdóttir

Yukoner heads Canadian Youth Climate Coalition

'We need Canada to lead, follow or get out of the way. Amber Church, a 28-year-old Yukoner, makes the remark while sitting at a small table in a quiet corner in the Bella Centre conference hall in Copenhagen.

Letters from Copenhagen Green Hopenhagen

Sigrun Maria Kristinsdottir Special to the News Copenhagen 'Dejlige dejlige Kobenhavn" are the first words in an old song all Danes know.

The best milk comes from a tri coloured cow

Letter From Iceland Among the things the Vikings brought to Iceland from Norway were cows. By now, these are smaller than your average Canadian…

Icelandic grain farmers welcome warming

Until recently, very little grain had been grown in Iceland since the time of the Vikings. The Vikings settled here during a warm spell, and they…

Getting down with the elves

Letter from Iceland Do you have any intention of dancing with the elves tonight? If you happen to be in Iceland, that is a definite option.

Jury hears cocaine overdose killed three times Tasered man

In hindsight, Const. Paul Thalhofer knows he should have waited for backup before chasing an unknown suspect on foot into the bush.

WCB cracks down on injuries

The Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board is getting more aggressive about preventing injuries.

Musher reopens dog grooming shop

All About Dogs won’t be closing after all. Anne Pittens will keep Robbie Benoit’s dog-grooming business open until his health improves…

WCB’s lump sum policy amended

Following a public consultation, the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board has amended its lump sum and advances policy.