Samantha Anderson

Nacho Nyak Dun chief under fire

A group of Nacho Nyak Dun citizens and employees are trying to oust chief and council. Over 70 names fill a petition claiming Chief Simon Mervyn's government is "unfit for office.

Goodbye, Huff, and thanks for the liquorice

Kerry Huff is finally going to graduate. His graduation photos have been taken, his tux rented and he's ready for the ceremony. "In every aspect of the word this is a graduation for me," he said while sitting comfortably in his office. "And it only took me 57 years."

Hall of famer has a lot of drive

(Bob) Adair always has somewhere to go. At age 72, he still hauls the mail to Keno three times a week and drives the school bus route in Mayo, where he lives.