Roxanne Stasyszyn

Aerial wolf hunting shot dead

Wolves will no longer be shot at from planes or helicopters in the Yukon. In all fairness, they haven't been for years. And the government said the technique was off the table back in August 2011. But now it's official.

Read between the words

Have you ever been invited to a "word carving" party? Don't worry, they're not some new fad you've been left out of. But they were the means to Peter Jickling's newest creation.

Territory unworried by gutted Fisheries Act

Territorial officials say they're unconcerned by sweeping changes proposed for the federal Fisheries Act. The changes would protect fisheries, rather than fish.

Police council spat sorted out

In February, it lambasted the government for appointing just one of its three recommended members to the organization.

Whitehorse wants a staking ban

Mayor Bev Buckway confirmed talks were happening between municipal and territorial officials at the Association of Yukon Communities meeting, held in Dawson City earlier this month.

Compensation clawback reviewed

The Yukon's Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board claims they were duped and wants a former claimant to pay back more than $600,000.

Assisted living complex on ice

It's been nearly a year after the Yukon government announced it would be "weeks, not months" before the Alexander Street Residence would be converted into an assisted living complex, but now the change may not happen at all

Peel protesters shut down legislature

The Yukon legislature was shut down this week. By a bunch of kids. Sitting in the legislature's gallery on Wednesday, the Peel Youth Alliance waited quietly for question period.

Neuro study seeks First Nation women

The Native Women's Association of Canada wants to study something no one has studied before. And the Yukon is one of the places where they're hoping to do it.

Firefighters see funding boost

The Yukon government is making its biggest-ever investment in the territory's firefighters. On top of this year's budget, another $1.9 million is being dropped into the Fire Marshal's Office.

Feds to fiddle with First Nations’ funding

Ottawa wants to change the way it doles out money to self-governing First Nations and Inuit groups. It is proposing to establish a formula-based policy to replace the current model of negotiating each financial transfer for every one of Canada's 24 modern treaties.

Victoria Gold to help students show up

On average, Yukon students are absent for nearly a quarter of their school year. Victoria Gold Corp. and the Department of Education are committing $15,000 each to try and change that.

Dancing with perception

In 1980, Quebecois dance artist Marie Chouinard walked on stage with a bucket, put it down, urinated in it and then walked off stage. It was called La petite danse sans nom, and it catapulted her career.

Whitehorse Copper lot sold

After five years, two buyers and nearly $100,000 difference, a lot in the Whitehorse Copper subdivision may finally have an owner.

Taylor delivers to municipal politicians

Community Services Minister Elaine Taylor arrived at the 37th annual Association of Yukon Communities meeting with lots of good news for municipal politicians.

Jenkins calls it quits

After more than 30 years in politics, Dawson City Mayor Peter Jenkins says he’s retiring and will not run again when municipal elections are held in October. “This is probably my last term in office – unless someone really pisses me off.”

Japanese Noh tradition makes it way to Whitehorse

When Fumi Torigai was a child in Japan, he could sometimes hear his father singing traditional Noh stories. "Sometimes I sat beside him, and he also tried a little bit of the dancing..."

Changes to fisheries act rolled into budget bill

When Yukon MP Ryan Leef was asked about the issue in March, he said he didn't understand the connection that was being made between changes to the federal Fisheries Act and the budget.

Young Peel activists unveil ‘Yukon Party wear’

A group of Yukon youth paraded what they have dubbed "Yukon Party wear" outside of the legislature before politicians took their seats on Thursday.

Yukon needs own report card: Tredger

The only Yukon high schools included in the annual Fraser Institute report card are still failing the grade. Vanier Catholic, F.H.