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No new royalty deal for First Nations

Despite the Yukon government celebrating a revised sharing deal with Ottawa, First Nations' requests to amend their current agreement with the territory have been turned down.

Territory commits to regulate oil furnaces

The Yukon government is promising to make tougher rules about who is allowed to tinker with the territory's oil-burning furnaces. That was the most significant recommendation in a report the government received Wednesday.

Raise a last glass to Barney

Barney Roberge always said he's lived multiple lives in one. Anyone who knew him could attest to that. "He always had a story on his tongue," said Rebecca Reynolds. "And a smile that didn't stop," interjected Myrna Kingscote.

Tough luck about those tours

Prime Minister Stephen Harper won't intervene in Parks Canada's decision to end guided tours of the S.S. Klondike and Dredge No. 4.

Leef lauds language and culture

Leef lauds language and culture Yukon MP Ryan Leef met with the territory's francophone community this week. It was part of nation-wide consultation on how to better support "language duality" in Canada.

Liberals count another loss

Liberals count another loss The Yukon Liberal Party took another blow this week when the financial effects of having only one MLA materialized.

Kaska call for review of Faro’s cleanup contracts

The Yukon's Kaska are calling for an independent review of the Faro mine's cleanup project. The project promises to return what was once the territory's - and even Canada's - biggest lead-zinc mine into clean, green land with healthy water.

Helping hope grow in Watson Lake

It takes hope to plant a seed and help it grow. Gardening imposes optimism on the gardener, and the faith they must have that those little seeds will turn into flowers can spread into other areas of their lives.

NDP cries conflict over mining regulation

The territory is once again pandering to the needs of big mining companies at the cost of the environment, the Opposition claims.

Concrete plant to be decided soon

The longest running review by the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board is nearing its end.

Minto digs in for the longer haul

Original plans called for Minto to start closing down this year. Instead, Capstone Mining Corp. has doubled its mining rate and is building new, multiple-storey trailers to house its burgeoning employee base until 2022.

And then there was one

With the announcement late last week that former interim leader and six-year member Darius Elias left the party to sit as an independent, Sandy Silver now stands as the only Liberal in the territory's legislature.

Royalty deal nothing to celebrate: NDP

The territory's new deal with Ottawa to keep more money from things like mining and forestry isn't anything to get too excited about, says Liz Hanson.

Don looks good for Selwyn

The Don deposit is located at the Selwyn Project on the Yukon-NWT border, owned by Selwyn Chihong Mining Ltd., a joint venture between the Vancouver-based company and a Chinese backer.

Yukon to get bigger cut of royalties

Premier Darrell Pasloski and John Duncan, the federal minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, signed the new deal at the Minto mine on Tuesday, marking Prime Minister Stephen Harper's first announcement on his annual northern tour.

Elias quits the Liberals

Darius Elias has stepped down as leader of the territory's Liberals and will sit as an Independent in the upcoming fall sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

Yukon Zinc boasts of ‘stronger safety culture’ following deaths

Yukon Zinc boasts of 'stronger safety culture' following deaths Yukon Zinc says it is focusing on safety as it ramps up to full production at its Wolverine Mine in southeast Yukon.

More supportive housing in the works

Thanks to more federal money, the territory is making good on its election promise to provide supportive housing for people living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

New building, old idea for Alexander Street

A new seniors' home will rise from the rubble of the aging, soon-to-be-demolished Alexander Street facility, the Yukon government announced Wednesday.

Spooky ukuey takes off from Dawson

Canadian singer and ukulele player Shelley O'Brien has to pack up her wall tent in Dawson City before setting off for Iceland, Finland, Italy, France and the Netherlands.