Roxanne Stasyszyn

Capstone says no harm done by water licence breach

Capstone Mining Corporation is defending its decision to mine and mill ore in a new area without a water licence, saying that the activity never endangered the surrounding environment.

Teaching about schools’ dark past

The Yukon plans to start teaching students about the history of residential schools, says Education Minister Scott Kent. New curriculum is in the works to be rolled out by the 2013-2014 academic year.

Dump dominates Dawson’s mayoral race

Someone pissed off Dawson City Mayor Peter Jenkins, it appears. In May, veteran politician announced he wouldn't seek another term as mayor, "unless someone really pisses me off."

Rangers roll out in Watson Lake

On the eve of its 65th anniversary, the First Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, which began in Dawson City in 1947, is expanding its forces with a detachment in Watson Lake.

Details murky for Dawson sewer plant operations

The estimated costs to operate Dawson City's new sewage plant continue to climb, causing worries among city officials that the municipality may be stuck with bills it is unable to pay.

Minto jumps the gun on water regs

The Capstone Mining Corporation knowingly violated its water-use licence at the Minto Mine, according to the territory's water board and mine-site inspectors.

Daycares to shut down in protest

Many daycares across the territory are planning to shut down on Friday morning. Workers say they are tired of being viewed as babysitters. They're calling on the territory for a funding hike.

Carcross/Tagish Tlingit funding extended

Ottawa has offered an olive branch to the Carcross/Tagish First Nation. The two have been in a dispute over funding since negotiations came to a stalemate in 2011.

Glacial melt is no worry for Yukon Energy

The glaciers that feed the mighty Yukon River are melting. But new research suggests the territory’s power grid has little to worry about.

Canada Revenue Agency closes its doors in Yukon’s capital

Today is the last day the Canadian Revenue Agency's Whitehorse office will be open. That doesn't mean you won't have to pay your taxes anymore, but it does mean you will no longer have an agent to talk to when filing.

The Yukon’s Muslim community: accepted and accepting

In Islam, the true meaning of jihad is "struggle," and when you practise a religion whose traditions are largely scheduled to the rising and setting of the sun, Yukon summers can pose a real challenge.

Mining road review skirts public critique

The broader Yukon public wasn't asked for its thoughts on the future of mining roads in the territory.

‘Regular person’ runs for council

Retired city employee, Helen Geisler has thrown her name into the hat of Whitehorse city council hopefuls.

Communities’ water in the clear

The boil-water advisories for both Watson Lake and Burwash Landing have been lifted. The two communities were placed under the precautionary warning last week because of two unrelated incidents.

CTFN asks for another extension

In less than a week, the Carcross/Tagish First Nation could lose more than half of its budget. The southern Yukon Tlingit group has asked Ottawa for another six-month extension on its old funding arrangement.

AWG president defends slimmer Greenland games

“There’s no ice in Greenland,” according to Gerry Thick, president of the Arctic Winter Games’ International Committee. He was referring to recreational arena ice, of course.

First Nation stake grows in Northern Vision

Northern Vision Development always planned to work in Yukon. But the original intention wasn't to stay this long. "When we started, we said that we would probably only last a certain period of time."

Mounties urged to look within

To understand the North, you have to understand trauma, says Dr. Gabor Mate. And for the RCMP to do their job well, they must understand the people they are paid to protect, the renowned physician added.

Streicker seeks council seat

John Streicker is running for Whitehorse city council. The territory's former federal Green Party candidate says the move is a natural step for his career not only as a politician, but also as an engineer.

Greenland shaves Arctic Winter Games

The 2016 Arctic Winter Games in Nuuk, Greenland, will be about five sports short. Dog mushing, curling, gymnastics, speed skating and figure skating have traditionally been a part of the Games' lineup, but will not be held in 2016.