Roxanne Livingstone

Priming Watson Lake for the future

The Kaska of southeast Yukon are gearing up for a development boom they predict will happen over the next few decades. Last Saturday they held a job fair for industry, employers, education providers and funding providers in Watson Lake.

Kaska dream of healing

Three Kaska teens ambled along the Alaska Highway near Upper Liard last weekend, dangerously close to the solid centre line. They seem bored and without any goal or destination.

Town’s historic hotel gutted, arson suspected

Residents are mourning the loss of the historic Watson Lake Hotel, which burned to ground on Saturday morning in a suspected arson. At 3:20 a.m., fire chief Dan Miller got the call the place was engulfed in flames. The boarded up building had become a popular place to hold parties.

Wish you were here

Leziel Johnstone really needed her mom this week. The young Filippino woman gave birth to her first child - a healthy baby boy - and she wanted her mom, who's also a midwife, to be with her through the birthing and aftercare.

What about Bill?

Bill knows about my drinking. I lie to family and friends that I've cut down, but that's just to get them off my back. Only Bill knows exactly how much I drink in a week.

The view from Whitehorse’s ‘projects’

When I venture back into "the projects" of Whitehorse, I see another young woman moaning in pain from the beating she got the night before. She's huddled on Nora MacIntosh's couch, but won't see a doctor and won't call the police.

Life lived like a story

Wendy Carlick has a carload of women howling with laughter as she recounts the first time she got on a pair of skis only to roar downhill out-of-control and fly over a jump.

How to lose 75 pounds

Brian Allaby ate his way almost to death. Last spring, at 415 pounds, his body shut down. He woke three days later in the intensive care unit of Whitehorse General Hospital.

Indian Affairs plays Scrooge all year

Yukon's aboriginal people on social assistance are being treated badly by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development according to many clients and several agencies.

Down and out at Christmas

The woman is talking with a raspy voice. She says it's from the mould in the hotel where she's found herself living lately. "I share the washroom with about 10 men - I can't shower because the tub is so filthy," says Jean, not her real name.

Swapping stories and booze at The Ramp

The Salvation Army soup kitchen was buzzing with the latest gossip. The RCMP had responded to a chick fight here the previous night. Esther saw the fight and launched her 5 foot, 2 inch lightweight frame across the room to help her friend.

The Velvet Revolution

Eight days after the Berlin Wall fell the phone rang late at night. It was November 17, 1989, and one of my inlaws rattled on with excitement from Prague, Czechoslovakia.