Rosemarie Briggs

In earthquake stricken Nepal, education makes the ugly duckling tale turn true

The red message light on Facebook lit up. “Sister, I m Mina frm Nepal r u rose sister?” Relief loosed knots that had tied themselves in my gut after the recent, devastating earthquake in Nepal.

With little owned, much to give

One of the most beautiful smiles in Nepal lives on Rahul's face. You can find that smile, rain or shine, heat or cold, just inside the Lumbini village garden gate.

Nepalese orphans dare to dream

Rosemarie Briggs Special to the News Lumbini, Nepal Have you ever noticed how helpful strangers can be when something fantastic is happening?

Building libraries and literacy in the mountains

Narrow, timeless trails are the only routes into small, secluded villages seemingly lost amid looming mountains. Often to arrive is to go back to a world that rises with the dawn and sleeps with the setting of the sun.

For Tibetan refugees education is a precious joy

CHARAN KADD, India For the past month I have been teaching in Charan. The experience has been simultaneously beautiful and heart wrenching.

Education gives hope to a Tibet slum

CHARAN KADD, India In 2003, Jamyang asked himself a simple question, but one that most of us dare not ask, “Do they really deserve to change…

Torn, black plastic huts float on seas of garbage and despair

CHARAN KADD, India In India there are more than three million slum dwellers.  The conditions are horrifying.

Yukon teacher caught in Nepali conflict

There was one and a half weeks left on my Indian visa and I had to leave the country to renew it. Nepal was boiling, as usual.