Rob McClure

Sports tape: Don’t leave for the alpine without it

Day 3 The next day was clear, calm and cold. Because of the bear sign, we had breakfast by the creek again.

Skiing the Cottonwood Trail in Kluane

One last good ski was what I wanted. Early April mountain biking was a messy proposition and my back muscles were not tuned up for spring cleanup…

Racing warmth in the home stretch around Mount Logan

The ski down the slope to the Seward gave us more stunning views of Logan and a different angle of St.

A trek around Logan, through science and into history

MOUNT LOGAN The Ice field Ranges of the St. Elias Mountains represent the largest area of glaciation outside the polar regions in the world.

Skiers semi circumnavigate Mt. Logan

You can’t hike around Mount Logan, Canada’s highest peak, quite yet. The valleys are still filled by glaciers hundreds of metres thick…