Rick Steele

gnr going nowhere really

As I write this, Guns N’ Roses (well, really Axl Rose and his hired guns) are filling my headphones with music from the album, Chinese…

let it go lego

A week ago, the Danish toy company Lego lost yet another court case in its long, futile and wrongheaded battle to protect itself from competition.

good news from a heap of e trouble

A couple of weeks ago, I went through another of my intermittent periods of small-town media celebrity.

barack obama and the revolt of the nerds

‘I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.

maybe im a maized the real high tech of corn

When we think of technology and corn together, these days, we generally think of ethanol — the nominal (and, I would argue, completely bogus)…

Voting in the future, Brazilian style

This week, along with 14,511 other Yukoners, I went through the time-honored ritual of picking up a pencil (stubby and cheap, but mightier, we are…

Lock down that WiFi!

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with an old customer of mine from my days in the internet business. An affable, well-spoken man, though a…

Incubating on the wing

I am writing this article in airports and on airplanes as I return from a junket to Montreal (actually, Laval, but they are close enough to be the…

copyright in canada why our politicians should leave it alone

This week, I took a few minutes to read a nine-page “briefing note” published by the Canadian Library Association in response to the…

patents and patience the ixi story

A recent dust-up over patent rights between Apple and Burst.com, Inc. has brought surprising, short-term celebrity to a fellow named Kane Kramer.

clouds and chrome

I have spent the past couple of evenings futzing around, off and on, with Google’s latest software offering — a new web-browsing program.

Venturing the perilous seas of SMOP

My duties at the Yukon Technology Innovation Centre are generally of the duff-under-desk variety, but this week I managed to get in a rare fieldtrip.

the london times and yesterdays news

Because you are reading this column in this newspaper, it is a reasonable assumption that you are the kind of person who likes to read newspapers.

prosperity means little if its not shared

MIRAFLORES LOCKS, Panama I spent last Monday morning in a tropical rainstorm in Panama City, standing on the observation platform of the Miraflores…

Where do you go after Yukon internet?

I was drafted into doing a presentation this coming week at the Summit of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region in Vancouver.

E President o Bama?

Though it is clearly to early in the game to predict the end of the story, I have been keenly following the political fortunes of Barack Obama over…

The economic sense of free computers

First, and very briefly, a word of apology for the photo of the funny-looking noggin that appears on the masthead of this column, for the first time.

Fighting for your (digi )rights

First of all, because I am going out on something of a controversial limb, here, let me make it clear who is doing the talking.