Rick Steele

Yukon driver’s licence causes social embarrassment

When I am out of the Yukon, I am always shame-faced when I have to show my driver's licence. Not, not just because of the unsightly photograph on it -- though that is embarrassing enough.

old movies and new media

I have watched 133 movies over the course of the past three weeks. No, I have not been fired from work, or laid up; and the accomplishment was actually a good deal less laborious than you might think.

working up a blackberry storm

A few weeks ago, the folks at Latitude Wireless asked me if I would be interested in doing a test drive of the new Blackberry Storm, touch-screen cellphone. My response was, "Sure, you bet.

business incubation in the yukon the numbers are in

This week, in my capacity as the executive director of the Yukon Entrepreneurship Centre, I took delivery on a survey I have been hungrily waiting for -- a market survey of potential clients for a business incubation centre in the Yukon.

Who is Thomas Pynchon, and why did he make me a nerd?

The May long weekend is my traditional time for cracking open my big, fat summer-reading book for the season.

E waste and the darling trucks of May

Last Tuesday morning, I was running through the falling snow in Riverdale, hurrying to sign off on a shipping manifest for a trailer-full of electronic waste at the Computers for Schools warehouse.

Microsoft and the fools of April

As April draws to a close, most people have probably already forgotten about the April Fools event that did not happen, this year: the massive internet disturbance, much warned about and ballyhooed in the press, caused by the computer worm called Conficke

Time, mortality and the tape deck

One of the advantages of leading a disorganized life is that, from time to time, as you search for something you have mislaid somewhere, you come upon a number of other things you mislaid and forgot about long ago and discover their value all over again.

In praise of PPPOE

A minor but significant difference in the at-home internet experience here in Brazil is that many of the internet service providers -- including the one I use in my present digs in Sao Paulo -- use a procedure called PPPOE.

its really ok computer

I spent last Sunday night, under an intermittently drizzling Brazilian sky, standing in a horse grounds in Sao Paulo with around 30,000 twenty-somethings listening to a Radiohead concert.

a nerd and his netbook

This column is coming to you courtesy of my new Asus Eee PC 1000HA netbook.

Can a hippy operate a P38?

In the mid-'70s, when I was a care-free pseudo-hippy in my early 20s, I spent several months in the pretty little Andean town of Banos, Ecuador. One of my principal activities was going for day-long walks in the densely forested hills around town. Often

Not hot technology on the front burner

One of the pleasures of my job at the Yukon Technology Innovation Centre comes from what happens when I tell people what I do for a living - giving financial and other assistance to people who have inventive technology ideas. At least 10 times a month, I

whose e book is this anyway

In last week's column I groused a little about the current state of electronic book (e-book) publishing and e-book reading machines. I did not then have time to address a related story that appeared more or less at the same time - the published comment by

when and whence the e book

Being a frequent long-distance traveller with a low boredom threshold, I have long had a hand-luggage problem that modern technology has only begun to address. As few as five years ago, the weight my carry-on satchel (usually a laptop carrying case minus

Rick Danger and the techno adventures of Dirk Pitt

A few weeks ago, responding from a challenge from a young acquaintance, I subjected myself to reading one of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt adventure novels. This young fellow's contention against me was that, though I have a reputation as a literary...

the cost of e wasting

A few days ago, I was skittering around the icy yard next to the Computers for Schools Yukon warehouse in Riverdale, counting pallets of computer waste, and running numbers through the calculator on my ever-present iPod Touch. As the project manager for C

this how the macworld ends not with a bang but a whimp o

Monday marked the end of what for me has been a post-Christmas techno-tradition for more than a decade: booting up Quicktime on my computer to watch…

All I want for Christmas is a GI Joe

I don’t know what I am getting for Christmas, this year, but it is probably not a G.I. Joe action figure.

help build a teched up inukshuk

This week, I attended a gathering of information technology types from Yukon College and private industry, hosted by  Inukshuk Wireless.