Richard Mostyn

Filth in our midst

When good people do nothing, evil triumphs. And make no mistake, what happened to Raymond Silverfox in the drunk tank on December 2, 2008, was evil. Taken into our custody by those sworn to uphold our laws, Silverfox was left to wallow in his own filth while his RCMP jailors watched and joked amongst themselves, wholly indifferent to his plight.

the road to hell

Legislation is often about trust. There's a tradeoff. When a new entry is penned in society's rulebook, citizens usually give something up. In exchange, they are promised some benefit. This deal is usually tricky to pin down. But it's there.

Pop a Red Bull

Zzzzzzzz. Wha …… Huh. We must have drifted off there for a minute. Good thing nobody noticed – there are usually ramifications for sleeping on the job. It usually makes your employer question your competency, your commitment – whether you are up to the job.

News wins eight gold, four silver and two bronze awards

The Yukon News has the best website among the 120 newspapers in the BC and Yukon Community Newspaper Association. "Very professional layout with an immediate sense of community and engaging multimedia video presentations focusing on the local community," said judges for the Ma Murray Community Newspaper Awards in announcing the paper won gold.

its yukon policy to strip charter rights

Whitehorse Correctional Centre is now a akin to a northern version of the notorious Guantanamo prison, a correctional facility beyond the purview of society.

Time to get off the bus

Unless the city is ready to do something innovative with transit, studying the issue again is a waste of time and money. And there is little evidence the city wants to innovate. Besides, there really is no city bus problem.

numbers suggest a fall election

Question: Why would a politician suggest a budget was shrinking when it was actually growing? Answer: Because they are trying to hide a growing debt. This is where the Yukon finds itself in fiscal year 2010.

the power of representative government

Every once in a while an issue surfaces that underscores how different the cultures of Whitehorse and Dawson City are.

Debt is never a good investment

There are good investments, and there are bad investments. People must start asking themselves which ones the Yukon government is making. No, we are not referring to the $36-million asset-backed commercial paper fiasco.

Why do we smell bacon?

At budget time there are no surprises anymore. Take, for example, Premier Dennis Fentie. Tuesday, he revealed details of his forthcoming budget to "the people.

Just call her gold finger

Don't mess with Danielle Marcotte. The Yukon target shooter just won gold at the 2010 International Grand Prix competing in the women's International Juniors division. Marcotte logged the high score among all juniors competing in the two-day event.

What is the Olympics really about?

The Olympics aren't even over and already the money is drying up. This week, Sports Minister Gary Lunn suggested it's time to offload the nation's elite-athlete training costs on Canada's corporations.

say goodbye to the caribou

There is every indication that we are presiding over the next great extirpation. Across the North, caribou herds are vanishing. Fast. So, what are we going to do about it?

its only your plan if you participate

Whitehorse citizens should pay close attention to the Official Community Plan exercise. It may seem of little import, but the city's behaviour suggests otherwise. It has been monkeying with this document a lot.

One man, one rule

Does the territory have an active and effective cabinet, or one-man rule? These are questions people should be asking, again and again. There are plenty of examples to provoke such a troubling question.

Take nothing for granted

Those interested in protecting the Peel Watershed from mineral development should not be lulled to sleep by the government's recent staking ban. That moratorium is an essential part of the ongoing Peel planning process.

Theatre, with strings attached

The puppets are clattering, but is the dance anything more than a distraction for the masses? It's something to consider.

Time to fix what ails us

The territory's health field is awash with red ink. So now what? We're going to have a new hospital residence, hospitals in Watson Lake and Dawson City, and be $67 million in debt. How will the Yukon Hospital Corp.

ottawa should act on khadr case

The Harper government should immediately bring Omar Khadr back to Canada...

conducting public business in private

The public has a right to know what the territory's leaders say to private executives. Unfortunately, Dennis Fentie and Archie Lang don't understand this.