Richard Mostyn

keep the letters coming. try signing them

In the last week or so, we've received a few letters from people who have asked for anonymity.

Officers and gentlemen

Open letter to the territory's young men: It is important that we're perfectly clear here: It is not acceptable for you to exploit women who are clearly drunk.

The cost of apathy

In its first budget, the Conservative majority has made good on its promise to end the per-vote subsidy. A few Canadians have identified this as a kick at democracy and a chance to hobble the opposition. It could be.

Time for the NHL to take a hit

This week, it's Nathan Horton. On January 1, it was Sidney Crosby. Who's it going to be next week?

closing doors on the mentally ill

There is much that's troubling about Kathreen Denbrok's daylight escape from the hospital's secure medical unit. Denbrok is a psychiatric patient who was admitted, involuntarily, to the facility under the Yukon's Mental Health Act.

the existing document is fine

The Yukon Quest International Association has apologized. It recently barred somebody from its annual general meeting for inexplicable reasons. Now, in light of the controversy, it is apparently examining its constitution.

Hello, Mr. Premier

Saturday, about 1,500 card-carrying Yukon Party supporters will end the Dennis Fentie era by electing a new leader. The other 17,000 of us will watch from beyond the glass, wondering who they'll choose to be our new premier.

the evolution of the library

Shortly, the new, improved Whitehorse Public Library will open. We hope its designers haven’t screwed it up. Librarians are in the news a lot lately. They are undergoing a kind of existential angst.

To squander, or not

In the face of the territory's looming power shortage, the Yukon Energy Corporation has abandoned action in favour of talk. Now, talking things out - allowing energy wonks to swap ideas before the public - is a good idea.

anticipate the squeeze

Ottawa gives a lot of money to the Yukon. How much money? Well, it works out to roughly $30,000 per person, per year. That is bucketloads of cash - insane wealth. By comparison, PEI gets roughly $3,400 per person and BC about $1,200.

suck it up sunshine

Enough is enough. Ever since May 2, we've heard nothing but bawling about how 60 per cent of Canadians voted against the Conservative Party of Canada. This is often accompanied by wide-eyed expressions of disbelief, handwringing and, sometimes, tears.

ahhhh its raining

This morning it was raining, thank God. The first good soak of the year. The deck was slick with the stuff, the wood golden and shiny. And beautiful. The air was literally stuffed with water vapour.

crude government

Now that Stephen Harper has consolidated his power, he has the means to tackle the most important issue facing this expansive nation - energy security. With its roots deep in Alberta, the Harper government is uniquely positioned to handle this problem.

so what are you going to do

There is a central issue in this election, but it is being downplayed by the Canadian establishment. The issue is reform. For decades, successive Canadian governments have drawn more power into the Prime Minister's Office.

the measure of a monopoly

When you buy a litre of gas, you have confidence you're getting a litre of gas. Why? Because the federal government has standards in place to ensure gas stations are not chiselling people, monkeying with the volume, siphoning a few millilitres off every fill.

laying the seeds of tough talk

The Yukon Agricultural Association is trying to suppress discussion about whether genetically modified seeds should be allowed in the territory. It's an odd approach for an industry association to take on such an important issue.

Staff nix wage deal

Yukon Energy Corp. staff have rejected a wage settlement negotiated by the Yukon Employees' Union. Union negotiator Jim Brohman recommended the deal to the 56 employees.

bound and gagged

Yukon government employees don't need whistle-blower legislation. They need courage, and a little support from their union. Currently, they lack both. Yeah, for those of you who don't realize it, you've got a union.

Put poverty on the agenda

In the midst of our election, there's a lot of talk about tax cuts, the economy, fighter jets and prisons. There's been little talk about poverty. Perhaps that should change.

Step back from the brink. Please step back …

Monday, politicians are scheduled to advance the city's new horse head logo and vacuous slogan, "Above all expectations," and will move toward scuppering the city's historic sternwheeler moniker.