Richard Mostyn

the blame game

When it comes to Attawapiskat, New Democrat MP Charlie Angus makes a good point. A very good point. When disaster strikes Canadian communities, Ottawa does not generally blame the community.

Sculpting a caring community

Artists give a lot to this territory, so it's great to see the community give something back to artists. That's exactly what is happening with the Yukon Artist Relief Fund Society.

its time for answers

Health officials must act to reassure the public Copper Ridge Place is safe for its patients. And having Cathy Morton-Bielz, Health's assistant deputy minister, leave a message on a CBC Radio One's answering machine doesn't count.

Grits on life support

These days, few organizations would envy the federal Liberal party. The Yukon Liberal Party is one probable exception. And that suggests just how badly injured the local Grits are.

Serving the law, or the people?

Many believe the RCMP are sworn to serve and protect. But they are wrong. The LAPD is dedicated to serving and protecting. The RCMP is in the business of defending the law.

forging the past and present

We like to think the global economy is simply a product of our technology and the fast-paced modern world. But a discovery in the Yukon bush this summer reminds us the world has been trading in a similar fashion...

pound foolish

The college is spending an awful lot on legal fees to save itself $20,000. Why? On October 14, the college appealed a Human Rights Board of Adjudication ruling that was released in May.

Devilish details: Buckway opposes Irwin’s call for accountability

How did a particular councillor vote on the last city budget? How did they vote on the Black Street upgrade?

A better system for all

Whitehorse is taking steps to make cab rides safer. It is beyond time. For years, Whitehorse cabbies have been able to multitask, lining up new fares while ferrying existing ones to their destinations.

the money just dribbles away

According to Northwestel, between midnight and 5 a.m. Friday morning, my family of four downloaded 1.

push for change

Tonight, a group of people are going to meet to discuss ways of making the voting system more fair. They face an uphill battle. Generally, majority governments do not provide a healthy environment for electoral reform.

peeling back the electorate

In a strange twist of karma, the Peel Watershed could tip this election in favour of the Yukon Party. Weird, eh? With Liberal Leader Arthur Mitchell and New Democrat Leader Liz Hanson...

a triumph of reason over dogma

The Supreme Court of Canada has granted an exemption from criminal law to Insite, Vancouver's safe-injection site. The decision is a victory for health care in Canada.

in the shadow of the bully

Over the last couple of weeks, we've detected a disturbing trend in civil servants. They've morphed into a bunch of fraidy cats. Well, more so than usual.

the ndps dim plan

New Democrat Leader Liz Hanson recently unveiled her energy platform. While it contains some nice sentiment, the plan falls far short of meeting the territory's energy needs into the next decade.

Lessons in leadership

Try as they might, Darrell Pasloski and the Yukon Party are not fooling anyone on the Peel Watershed issue. The political organization, largely funded by the mining lobby, does not support the Peel planning commission recommendation.

A cost benefit analysis

It's impossible to support the Liberal and Yukon parties' indifference toward 106-year-old placer gold royalties. But it is clear why they are turning a blind eye.

What does the sand smell like?

In Atlin, a significant river has vanished. In Austin, Texas, nocturnal bats are starting to fly during the day because it has become so freakishly dry there are no pests for them to eat at night. Put simply, they are starving.

When a tree falls in Teslin …

Stacey Hassard's campaign manager recently cut his New Democrat rival down to size. With a chainsaw.

Racing winter

Richard lives in a tent in Robert Service Park. He likes it there well enough. He finds the place safer and more secure than the clay cliffs, where he's pitched his tents in the past.