Rhiannon Coppin

Long weekend ahead with Liard flooding

The Liard River breached its banks late last night, threatening seven homes in Upper Liard and five in Lower Post, BC.

Well Read wanders deeper into downtown core

Yukon’s only used bookstore is beginning a new chapter with a much-needed move to a central downtown location.

Bear mauling case could have major fallout

Tuesday, Aurora Geosciences president Gary Vivian and vice-president Mike Power vowed to fight charges of negligence in Territorial Court.

Kennedy shares Liberal vision for the North

Justin Trudeau’s pick for Liberal leader was in Whitehorse on the weekend to golf and socialize with Liberal supporters.

Climate change changes armed forces’ plans

Patrolling the northern wilderness isn’t as easy as it used to be. Climate change is the culprit.

Kusawa bridge closed

The Kusawa Lake campground bridge is out of service until June 11. Only 26 of 56 campsites will be accessible following today’s closure of…

Plastic bag princess fights fixed thinking foes

Recently, a disgruntled patron slapped 3 Beans owner Marion Nigel with Swiss chard. Nigel was helping load groceries into another customer’s…

Superstore management silent as a mouse

Mice rule the Real Canadian Superstore’s aisles and no one — not former employees, not disgruntled customers, not even store management…

Loose radon guidelines are costly

A national radon program will cost Canadians $1.25 billion over the next 10 years, but still won’t protect Canadians from preventable…

Mackenzie pipeline on thin ice

New shuttle tankers could render the Mackenzie pipeline plan obsolete within a decade. “Others are already not only thinking about new…

Co ed team wins W.A.R.

Sara Neilsen and Nathan Doering conquered the 20-kilometre Whitehorse Adventure Run, also known as W.A.R., on Sunday in just under three hours.

Radon levels defy measure

This spring, the Yukon Housing Corporation has seen a dramatic rise in requests for its free in-home radon testing services.

Some mineral deposits remain beyond the reach of roads

How do you get Yukon resources to market? This puzzler was the focus of 130 academics, government and transportation company representatives and…

Radon levels defy measure

This spring, the Yukon Housing Corporation has seen a dramatic rise in requests for its free in-home radon testing services.

Health Canada amends radon threat levels

Radon, a “Class A human carcinogen,” has been leaking into homes in Wolf Creek and other Yukon neighbourhoods silently and undetected for…

Storywriter is prepared to meet her creations in heaven

A young woman drifts without direction through her days until a dramatic car accident forces her to confront her fears and vow not to stall on making…

Yukon government doesn’t fret over payday loans

Earlier this month, provinces and territories got the go-ahead to regulate loan sharks and their payday-lending cousins.

Pioneer lifts fog on smoke free

The Pioneer Bar in Haines, Alaska, hosted a big smoke-in on April 20th. Two days later, the establishment bucked 50 years of family tradition and…

The hockey path leads through a heavyweight diet

Gain weight. That’s not a frequent exhortation in our culture but for aspiring young hockey stars like Chantelle (Butch) Rivest, it’s a…

Three Rivers nominated for award, wins hearts

On May 15, Canadian Geographic announced that the Three Rivers project was a finalist in its annual Canadian Environmental Awards.