Rhiannon Coppin

Brutal wartime winter sparked love for the Yukon

It was a once-in-a-lifetime homecoming for ex-army man Lee C. Pooler, even if he couldn’t find his actual home.

Black bear stalks clay cliffs

One of her dogs barked, then she saw the bear. A woman was descending the clay cliffs near the airport with her two Karelian bear dogs on Friday…

Mysterious shoot up

One or more trigger-happy gunslingers attacked a rock crusher off Tagish Road in mid-July. Between July 14 and July 17, someone entered a gravel pit…

A new market: jail credits

The man who broke into Bernie’s Race Trac Gas Station three months ago was sentenced on Thursday to time served.

Helicopter death prompts full audit

The Yukon government has until October to initiate a full health and safety audit of all its departments.

Multinational eyes Takhini Hot Springs

Yukoners could lose access to Takhini hot springs as early as April 1st. The board of Takhini Hot Springs Ltd.

Mining Yukon’s UFOs

In 1976, for several weeks, a light followed a school bus on its regular route to Whitehorse from Lake Laberge. The bus driver saw it.

Vacationers warned of botulism threat

Possible botulism contamination has forced the recall of Wal-Mart’s house brand Great Value chili.

Feeling lucky? Lot lottery a real gamble

‘Buyer Beware,” states a small laser-printed sign up near Lot 8. And a review of government material suggests a slew of hidden charges…

Children’s home has mould and asbestos

The mould-contaminated Yukon’s Children’s Receiving Home is also packed with asbestos. In May, property management services hired…

Furnaces cause grief in Whitehorse homes

In Whitehorse, home furnaces and heating stoves are often not up to snuff. In 2007, Yukon housing inspectors found widespread problems with the…

Pharmacist buys into the big box revolution

Size matters to Darrell Pasloski. In the new Shoppers Drug Mart in what remains of the Qwanlin Mall, you’ll see it too: a prominent pharmacy,…

Aurora pleads ‘not guilty’ in bear mauling

Aurora Geosciences is going to fight five negligence charges filed under the Yukon’s Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The search for Angel

They stood around, unsure of where to begin. No one wanted to say it: She’s probably dead. Two-dozen locals showed up at the Blue Feather…

New gas, no plan

The North Yukon Land Use Plan is almost complete, but the public won’t see the million-dollar document until September.

Putting marijuana on the map

Matthew Wooller is an Alaskan-based biochemistry professor with a controversial side-project. He’s mapping marijuana grow-ops.

Volunteers wanted for Angel Carlick search party

Friends of Angel Carlick are asking volunteers to join their search party on Saturday morning. The 19-year-old First Nations woman has been missing…

Yukoners move on radon while government stalls

While Yukoners are actively doing something about levels of airborne carcinogens in their homes and workplaces, Ottawa just wants to talk some more.

‘Firecaster’ peers into the smoky future

When lightning strikes in the Yukon, meteorologist Don Green knows — often five days before it happens. He never ventures into the field.

All you can dial for $50 a month

RuralCom Corp. will bring cheap smorgasbord-style cellphone service to most of the Alaska Highway in May 2008 — if Industry Canada and…