Peter Jickling

Dealing with disabilities in the workplace

Neal Bird has worked for Air North for nearly four and a half years. As a cabin agent, he is part of the team responsible for grooming the fleet between flights. He is strong, outgoing and well suited for his job.

New book explores the Yukon’s Arctic island

Herschel Island exists largely in the mind. For many of us, the 116-square-kilometre outpost in the Beaufort Sea is impossibly far north and only accessible via imagination.

Yarn bombing hits Whitehorse

For two weeks in August, one of Whitehorse's most recognizable landmarks will be a little bit warmer ... and maybe a little bit less recognizable.

A new spin on an old game

It's Sunday afternoon and a wall of grey clouds has collected over the Mount McIntyre ski trails. But the ominous weather has not prevented Al Fozard and Dave Griffiths from heading to the forest for one of their favourite recreational activities: disc golf.