Patricia Robertson

French school offers ‘living francophone culture’

Tucked away in the Granger neighbourhood, just off Hamilton Boulevard, Ecole Emilie-Tremblay isn't the most visible school in the community.

Yukon native language story book crosses the Pacific

A story book used in teaching Aboriginal languages in the Yukon may soon be helping indigenous people in Siberian Russia learn their own Ket language.

were not so passive after all

Something amazing happened in Canada last Saturday. Right across the country, from small towns to big cities, Canadians of every political stripe and from all walks of life rallied against Stephen Harper's decision to shut down Parliament. From St.

I’ve got that giving feeling

Every October or so, my sister puts all our names in a hat for the Christmas draw. Every adult in the family buys for one other adult. This year, however, events have conspired to derail tradition.

The cafe: cornerstone of civilization

A friend of mine once joked that I was the Chocolate Claim's "writer-in-residence." Actually, I think he was only half-joking. True, I was there most days for my late-afternoon java, but it wasn't an indulgence.

Language is a weapon in the fight for freedom

Last week I heard an interview on CBC Radio's The Current with a former journalist and editor named Robert J. Cox.

fighting fire with … a balanced approach

By Patricia Robertson It's hard for most of us - with images in our heads of Bambi fleeing the forest fire that kills his mother - to think of forest fires as a beneficial force.

Creating a new narrative of aging

This summer I became, ready or not, a great-aunt. When my nephew and his wife gave birth to their first child, Owen Trevor, I flew to Victoria to meet the new addition.

Protecting the world’s imaginative heritage

Spain is a country full of religious festivals, often with pagan roots, as I discovered when I lived there for three years in the 1970s.

on behalf of the trees

A couple of weeks ago, I took my usual midmorning walk with our dog from the park at the head of Main Street to the viewpoint overlooking downtown Whitehorse.

slowing and growing in a peak oil world

Last week I returned from a visit, for family reasons, to Southern California. I hadn't been there in years and only dimly remembered the fact that, in the vast sprawl of towns and malls that is SoCal, no one walks. Ever.

redefining home

When I was invited to take part in a CBC radio panel on homelessness this week, it never occurred to me that the issue would be connected to two other events -- the celebration of Earth Day on April 22, and the release of the draft land-use plan for the Pe

the stories we tell create our world

'Beware of the stories you read or tell; subtly, at night, beneath the waters of consciousness, they are altering your world.

Small movie with big heart captures audiences

By Patricia Robertson Special to the News It was the birth of his fourth child - and only daughter - two years ago that gave Carl Bessai the subject for his latest film. Mothers and Daughters, a genre-bending blend of fact and fiction, screens Saturday at

Opening night film rewrites history

Speaking on the phone from Vancouver, John Walker is eating an apple and trying to do an interview at the same time. The renowned Canadian documentary filmmaker is ravenous, having just flown in from Halifax.

Bright lights of screen and industry converge on Yukon

The only feature film festival north of 60 lights up Yukon cinema screens next week. Starting February 18, the Available Light Film Festival launches a jam-packed five days of screenings and industry events - plus

Artist’s alchemy finds mystery in the everyday

Run, don’t walk, to see Philomena Carroll’s new work at the Yukon Arts Centre Art Gallery.

Health fair offers smorgasbord of alternative choices

At first glance the 7th annual Yukon Wholistic Health & Wellness Fair looks like any other trade show.

Poetic film marries art and wilderness

Marten Berkman’s intriguingly titled new film, Adrenaline Bach, is both a simple visual story and a profound meditation on humans’…

Dancing on air

Imagine a dance company that combines the building-climbing abilities of Spiderman with the grace and technique of contemporary modern dance.