Mike Grenby

Experiencing Greenland

By Mike Grenby Special to the News ILULISSAT, Greenland They say an iceberg from here sank the Titanic.

Iceland is green

This really is the land of fire and ice. While three major glaciers cover 15 per cent of the country, you can also get up close and personal with thermal vents as they roar their superheated sulphurous steam out through cracks in the ground.

The 2 a.m. fresh bread alarm

Before I left home, I told friends I had booked a hotel room in Switzerland over a bakery so I could wake up to the smell of fresh baking. The friends immediately offered to help me carry my suitcases.

Where the wild animals are tame

Penguins on the equator? Swimming with marine iguanas as well as turtles and sea lions? Getting up close and personal with blue-footed boobies, a…

How to afford the Big Apple

NEW YORK, New York Spend a little or spend a lot, this city is hot. All the songs you’ve heard about New York or the movies you’ve seen…

an economical way to see the uk

LOCHRANZA, Isle of Arran They call this island, “Scotland in miniature.” But there’s nothing miniature about the fells that swoop…

It’s time to consider the pleasures of Portugal

By Mike Grenby Special to the News MANTEIGAS, Portugal I don’t know why I always wanted to visit Portugal.

A taste of the first class lifestyle

Qantas First host Martina and a porter greet you at the curb as you arrive at Sydney’s international airport.

Taking to Thailand’s hills with a tribe of entrepreneurs

AKHA VILLAGE, Thailand It was truly a bamboo banquet: cooked on, cooked in, eaten with and eaten out of bamboo that our guides had cut down during a…

Bhutan offers surprising luxury

PARO, Bhutan There is no TV or radio in the hotel room. There isn’t even a clock. And when you arrive at Amankora, there is no formal…