Michael Gates

History Hunter: Fake news is old news in the Yukon

If you haven’t heard of the allegations of “fake news” being thrown…

History Hunter: How the Yukon was spared the influenza pandemic of 1918

The isolation of the Yukon then afford the territory some protection that it doesn’t have today

History Hunter: Yukoners honoured for their contributions to Yukon history

The Yukon Historical and Museums Association handed out the 36th Annual Yukon Heritage Awards

History Hunter: Will Rogers and Wiley Post: Their historic visit to the Yukon

The story of the American pilot and the film star has a Yukon connection

History Hunter: New book tells old story of nursing in the Yukon

Author Amy Wilson was a registered nurse in the Yukon from 1949 to 1951

History Hunter: Travel has been a challenge for Yukon MPs

Getting from Yukon to Ottawa was a trek

History Hunter: The old Dawson ferry and the man who built it

Over the years, I have seen many photographs where it was hard…

History Hunter: Conference to celebrate historical Yukon maps

The Yukon Historical and Museums Association (YHMA) has taken on an ambitious…

History Hunter: Is there more film buried in the Klondike?

Thousands made the arduous journey to the Klondike in 1898. Many never…

History Hunter: There was more than gold in them thar hills

With placer production and the general population of the Yukon both declining…

History Hunter: Hard rock mining on Dublin Gulch is more than a century old

Dublin Gulch was said to have been first staked by 1897

History Hunter: New book celebrates Yukon’s most colourful hotel

If the walls could talk, what tales they would tell. But the…

History Hunter: The time that Dawson City died – for a day

During the Klondike gold rush, the dance halls, saloons and theatres of…

History Hunter: New biography reveals Sam Steele’s role in Canadian history

The book is about more than his Klondike exploits.

History Hunter: Front Street Dawson was the Broadway of the North

There was a curious combination of circumstances that converged during the Klondike…

History Hunter: Annual transportation honours handed out to Yukoners

Nearly 100 people attended a celebration at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre…

History Hunter: The Dublin Gulch story: Part two

Despite depopulation during World War I, 14 men were reported still engaged…

History Hunter: The Remarkable story of Hugh Day

The Day brothers were an integral part of the early prospecting in the pre-Klondike Yukon valley.