Michael Dougherty

Voting for our future and hope

About a millennia and a half ago Chosroes I, the twentieth Sassanid emperor, ruled over Persia. Sometime during his long reign, from 531 to 579 A.D.

Reference letter from the poor required

Paul Hansen, a Redemptorist priest well known for his lifelong commitment to justice and peace, spoke in the Sacred Heart Cathedral's CYO Hall in Whitehorse Monday evening.

time to ask questions

Yesterday at the beginning of my Yukon Teacher's Association Conference workshop entitled Responding to Global Challenges: Disasters to Development I gave a pop quiz.

fear undermines focus

'From the halls of Montezuma, To the shores of Tripoli; We will fight our country's battles on the land as on the sea.

literacy liberates

As the students pile off the brand new Standard bus company buses across the territory to begin their 2011-2012 school year, do they realize just how important the task before them is for all of us? The politicians and community dignitaries gathered for t

taxing times

The Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts represent the weathered remnants of a chain that some 350 million years ago would have rivaled today's St. Elias range.

conversations countryside and compassion

As a gag, a friend in Whitehorse equipped me with a surgical mask and latex gloves for my bus trip south. In theory, by wearing them, the implied threat of extreme contagion might win me a coveted open second seat.

are we trapped or blindsided

Bus connections do not make for a happy scene. You can imagine the backed-up toilets, weary passengers stranded overnight and long lines of bags and boxes keeping the places for their owners waiting for long overdue coaches.

Coast to coast: Part 2

The Truckee River tumbles out of the Sierra Nevada Mountains alongside of Interstate 80. It courses down towards Reno, Nevada, following off and on the route of the bus taking me across the continent.

Coast to coast: flower power or extinction?

San Francisco, California lies some 76 hours south of Whitehorse as the bus travels.

tomatoes and tomorrow

Serious backyard gardeners here in Whitehorse, who carefully watched the temperature in their greenhouses, already had metre-high tomato vines by May .

poets and patriots

'What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep, As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?" Can you answer the poet's question? You may be forgiven for not recognizing this verse from the second stanza of a poem written in September of

doug olynyk yukons accidental architect

'While Doug is sometimes seen as a man of few words, he is also seen as a man of action," says Minister of Tourism and Culture, Elaine Taylor, about the recent retirement of Doug Olynyk as manager of the Historic Sites program for the Yukon government.

suma qamana living well not better

A unexpected call came in on Monday from Desaguadero, Peru while I Skyped my wife Eva in Montreal. The miracle of modern communications linked us all up via a couple of geostationary satellites somewhere over the equator.

a sporting chance

My wife Eva has exhibited little interest in hockey over the years.

time is a wasting

The colours of spring abound. Our blue Arctic lupines and the showy Jacob's ladder's share this time with the bright yellow flush of horned dandelions and others of their kin.

Tornadoes, fires and floods

You know what a pot of water looks like when it has reached a rolling boil. The underside of the grey green clouds passing over us literally looked like that madly bubbling and churning water.

What are you growing in your garden?

Are you going to get your hands dirty this weekend? Last week's snows here in Whitehorse plunged the psyches of those desperately seeking summer to near depression levels.

does the number 13 scare you

On this Friday the 13th, triskaidekaphobics, people with a fear of this number, can be genuinely immobilized by the state of alarm this cardinal number provokes in them.

swimming against the stream

Sometimes people you met long ago just demand to be remembered. Maybe it's the impression they made on you, impact they had on your life or possibly the stories you heard from or about them that never really faded.