Michael Dougherty

markets and morality

St. Jovite, Quebec, in the shadow of Mont Tremblant, has a street market every summer. Tents along Rue Principale last week shaded the tables filled with enough bric-a-brac to keep people looking for hours.

olympic solidarity challenge

The XXX Olympiad has begun. The world's athletes gathering there have drawn thousands upon thousands of dignitaries, officials, media professionals, security personnel and other support staff to venues in and around London.

let uncaring governments hear our voices

How familiar do these words seem to you? "We do not believe that the people...have abandoned their sense of decency and democracy.

Windows on the world

When Suzanne and David Henry worked for Parks Canada in Haines Junction they had one of the most spectacular views imaginable from their living room window.

old friend new ideas

While walking down the aisles of the South Hill Mall Safeway in Prince Albert last week, I looked at folk to see if I recognized faces from the time when I lived in this Saskatchewan community more than 20 years ago.

a patriotism mindful of our future

Some images just stay with you undimmed by time. One such memory I hold on to is of a summer's evening now over half a century ago. Somehow I had heard that a motorcade carrying the 1960 Democratic presidential nominee, John F.

climbing the peaks before us

The promise of a glorious view kept me huffing up a trail that seemed almost vertical to a son of a land where the prairies meet the rolling edge of the eastern woodlands.

local shortages global reality

A long, multicoloured line of containers from jerrycans to four-litre plastic jugs snaked down the street. The first were tucked up against a fuel pump at a petrol station.

a life lived in solidarity

Last week we had a solidarity visitor from Guatemala here with us in Whitehorse.

Love is the common denominator

Traipsing around western Pennsylvania and New York state during the War of 1812 without firing a shot in anger probably gave John Dougherty, the first family ancestor in my father's line to arrive in North America, the idea to settle in that area.

Beauty masks oppression

Alexander von Humboldt, a 19th-century German scientist and traveler, described Lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan highlands as the "most beautiful lake in the world.

two for the road of hope

Earlier this week the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition celebrated the contributions of two of its founding members, Ross Findlater and George Green.

Riches should not impoverish

Looking west from the excavated skarns, adits and shafts along the Copper Haul Road and across the valley from the Grey Mountain viewpoint, you can easily make out the signs of a century of mining in Whitehorse's backyard.

cultivating a healthy vibrant society

Last weekend, the orchards of Okanagan Centre coloured the hillsides. A local told me that seeing all the varied shades of pink and white blossoms on the fruit trees all at once was unusual.

Making a case for non violent direct action

The anti-Vietnam War demonstrators slowly walked back and forth on the sidewalk of the Grand Boulevard overpass above the I-70 expressway, a couple of blocks south of the campus of St. Louis University, my undergraduate alma mater.

discovering justice

When Hernan Cortes and a force of some 800 Spanish conquistadors, sailors and auxiliaries landed at the site of modern day Veracruz, Mexico, in the spring of 1519, they met a delegation from the Totonac community living there.

ordinary and extraordinary

We all know the setting of the tragedy, a black, star-filled night on a cold, glass-calm North Atlantic some 1,300 kilometres east of Halifax. We know the time the drama played out, between 23:40 on April 14 and 2:20 April 15, 191.

The poor are being driven up a new Golgotha

Radical new ideas could not be tolerated. Traditions had to be maintained and power balances preserved.

corporatocracy uber alles

'One God, One Faith, One Empire" marked a significant imperial shift in the Roman Empire under Constantine in the 4th century. This ideological development provided a much-needed political boost at a critical time in the empire's history.

Saint Patrick’s Breastplate

A deep financial crisis, in part aggravated by the pressure of wars that just didn't seem to end, contributed to the demise of the imperial presence in the far-off land.