Matthew Grant

Composting is everybody’s business

In Whitehorse, businesses don’t compost. Not restaurants, not cafes, not hotels and not supermarkets.

Lions make life easier for dogs

For the dogs trying to strut their stuff at the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter, the last few years have been tough.

Trade show open to more food vendors

People going to the Lake Laberge Lions Yukon Trade Show can again gorge on carnival-style goodies. After getting the boot last year, due to an…

Young workers slighted by WCB, says NDP

Yukon parents and their children have the right to know which Yukon companies are safe to work for and which aren’t.

Yukoners giveth by the truckload

Every two months, the Salvation Army trucks about 13,600 kilos of clothing and other donated textiles out of Whitehorse.

Budget trumps human rights

Asking students in wheelchairs to put their human rights on hold until the next fiscal year is ludicrous, say opposition critics.

Tanks may trigger lawsuit

Digging up oil tanks from the backyards of former army houses is expensive business. Especially if you were told they were empty and weren’t a…

What’s bred in the bone

Nothing says lovin’ like earth greens and raw chicken. In recent efforts to lengthen lives and tighten waistlines, raw chicken, cow, lamb,…

Lawyer pipes up in Takhini plumbing dispute

akhini North residents are responsible for plumbing costs on their properties, says the lawyer who sold them the houses.

Water, sewer and bus bills

The city could soon be billing for another utility — bus service. At the city charrette on sustainability last week, the idea of sending…

Hot stuff: city maps geothermal potential

In an effort to keep our homes warm in an environmentally sensitive way, Whitehorse has become the first Canadian city to map the earth’s heat.

Politician and labour prez trade blows

Before offering opinions on the Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement, Doug Graham should hit the books, says Yukon Federation of Labour…

Doggie day care, where pooches come to socialize

There’s a day care in town that takes great pains to ensure those under its watch are socialized properly, get a nap and don’t piddle on…

Kids in wheelchairs treated like second class citizens

Wheelchair-bound youth at FH Collins will have to deal with being physically carried up and down steps until the next fiscal year.

Labour critics full of hot air

Members of the Yukon’s labour movement are spouting off against an inter-provincial trade deal without doing their homework, says a municipal…

The life and times of giant pumpkins

Nothing says fall like a 200-pound pumpkin … unless of course it’s two 200-pound pumpkins.

The cost of civic duty

Kim Watkins has vowed never to report thuggery, or any other crime, to police ever again. Civic duty simply costs too much, she said.

This lawn’s a rainbow

In a neighbourhood that has proven dangerous for the likes of concrete bunnies and garden gnomes, a Whitehorse woman is building monuments that will…

Yukon children under the microscope

Education Minister Patrick Rouble is sitting on a report that recommends massive changes to the territory’s education system, say opposition…

Survivors to swap stories at Yukon College

Hundreds of aboriginal Canadians who suffered through the federal government’s residential school program will gather in Whitehorse this week,…