Matthew Grant

Compensation board might name names

Publishing companies’ safety records could help Yukoners make informed employment choices and lower workplace injury rates.

Dashing through the snow in a glowing garbage truck

At Christmastime, some kids in the world go to bed with visions of sugarplums in their heads. Others go with sore bottoms.

Yukon armed for cyber war

Whether they know it or not, Yukoners are engaged in a cyber war. Our computers, along with internet users in the NWT, Nunavut and northern BC are…

City plan doesn’t slide with broomballers

A city plan to sweep aside an expensive outdoor rink in favour of cheaper housing in Takhini North subdivision has broomballers crying foul.

Yukon is faceless on Facebook

Facebook is making Yukoners into Alaskans and that’s not fair, say users of the online social utility.

Yukon polar bears left out in the cold

Polar bears and other members of the animal kingdom aren’t protected in the Yukon, says a member of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Confessions of a 32 year old dance student

Dance clubs are interesting places, kind of like high school. There are those muscley jock types, the hip and trendy, the beautiful, the not so…

Labour and chamber play safety tug o war

Dealing with workers’ compensation through agencies in Alberta or BC might make things cheaper, but it won’t keep Yukoners safer.

Parents need to push for workplace safety

Parents need to do more to ensure the company their kids work for is safe, but they don’t need to know that company’s safety record, says…

Education report still on hold

Education Minister Patrick Rouble is avoiding debate on education reform, says the Liberal’s education critic. The $1.

Injury rates hit employers in the wallet

Following another rate-hike, the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce is calling for an end to the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety…

Games’ financial winners tabulated

The Canada Winter Games generated $94.8 million for the local economy. That’s the final figure given by local economist Luigi Zanasi who…

Yukon running hot and cold

Last November was one of the coldest on record. This November isn’t. Statistically, it’s actually been a little warmer than usual, says…

Doctors call for youth shelter

Following the death of a Whitehorse teen, Yukon doctors are calling for the establishment of a youth shelter.

Hospital to receive cash injection

The government is set to shell out $200,000 for mental health.  That’s what it has committed to spend on renovations to the Whitehorse…

Canada’s sick forced to wait for the next budget cycle

Budget wonks are contributing to Canada’s expensive, inefficient health-care system, says the president of the Canadian Medical Association.

Colon hydrotherapy — out with the old

“The road to health is paved with good intestines.” Elaine Hanson, colon hydrotherapist Admittedly, the subject of bowel movements does…

Salvation Army hits the jackpot with the Bonanza

A sporting goods store has donated 58 hotel rooms worth of furniture and electronics to the Salvation Army.

Signs of sex, sin and culture

Promoting sex toys over culture on Yukon’s major highway sends the wrong signals to tourists, says a local businessman.

New study to study what the old study studied

Spending buckets more money to decide whether to replace or rebuild FH Collins Secondary School raises several questions, says NDP education critic…