Matthew Grant

Mining at stake in government to government talks

Once again, the city and Yukon government are going to try and tackle the inner-city staking issue. After miners staked 85 claims on Whitehorse ski…

‘Big Daddy’s watching’ — chamber

The Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board will investigate businesses that don’t co-operate with its safety programs.

Royalty rates could drop for mining companies

To make the Yukon more competitive, the government is considering lowering royalty rates and making it easier to stake claims in the territory.

City ready to unload Motorways properties

The city is about to cash in on its waterfront investments. After spending $3.5 million to buy the Motorways yard between Black Street and Shipyards…

First Nation dodges city bill collectors

The Kwanlin Dun First Nation owes Whitehorse taxpayers nearly $1 million. The government has had an outstanding bill for more than a year and…

Budget funds hanging baskets

Main Street’s hanging flower baskets are back in the budget, and nobody’s really said a thing.

Felines have no fear, bylaw officers are here

City bylaw officers are trained and ready to protect and serve scaredy cats. The officers recently underwent some bucket-truck training to ensure…

More vandalism shenanigans

Whitehorse vandals have struck again. This time, they hit a $15,000 pedestrian bridge that had only been up for a few days, said Mayor Bev Buckway.

City second guesses taxes

Rocketing Yukon property assessment values have given the city cause for pause. In lieu of the soaring assessments, the city now plans to review its…

Man stabbed at Riverdale party

Charges of assault with a weapon are pending for a Whitehorse resident following a December 23 stabbing in Riverdale.

Miners ski past club at Mount McIntyre

Claim-staking in city recreation areas shows just how archaic Yukon mining laws really are, says an environment watchdog.

Tale of the burger bandit

For one Whitehorse man, this Christmas wasn’t as much about turkey and Santa as it was about fried chicken, burgers, pizza, and cop cars.

Water wasters watch out

In Whitehorse, watering the lawn or washing the car could get costly. The city plans to introduce residential water meters by 2011.

Battle lines drawn for council’s budget debate

The city should start shaving its budget to avoid hitting city ratepayers with a 7.5 per cent tax hike, say city councillors.

Destination Yukon — it ain’t what it used to be

The number of immigrants living in the Yukon has dropped 45 per cent in the last century. The territory, which used to have the highest numbers of…

Disabled FH Collins students get a lift

Disabled FH Collins students got a much-needed lift last week. After months of having limited access to areas of their school, a new wheelchair lift…

Housing prices tickle the $300,000 mark

After shooting up 99 per cent in the last six years, the average price of a single-family home in Whitehorse is now $297,400, according to the Yukon…

Parental custody 101 – from brain surgery to legal fees

A Haines Junction man is wondering why it’s taken more than one year and $10,000 in legal fees to prove he has a right to look after his aging…

Teachers face assault by parents and students

Yukon teachers being kicked, punched and threatened by students and their parents. It’s a problem that’s affecting the quality of…

Yukoners asked to share their grief

By Matthew Grant News Reporter ‘People don’t want to talk about death. It almost seems that in our culture there’s this idea that…