Matthew Grant

Life in an industrial world

A new industrial subdivision in the Marwell area could boast up to 60 housing units. That’s what Northern Vision Development, the…

No heat and no standards — the state of the low income rental market

Last week, Erick Olsen awoke to discover his infant son’s hands and feet were blue from the cold.

Public land for private developers

Plans for a private trailer park on public property landed on the desks of city politicians Monday night.

Jazz hits sour notes in Yukon

Air Canada Jazz is not very popular with Yukoners this week. That’s because flight delays and cancellations caused inconvenience, hefty hotel…

Council supports butting out behind the wheel

Whitehorse city councillors support a ban on smoking in cars carrying child passengers. They unanimously supported a Canadian Cancer Society push to…

First Nations enter the Whitehorse real estate market

Whitehorse’s real-estate landscape is about to change. With most land claims settled, self-governing First Nations, who are prohibited from…

Forget the cold – park for free!

The bad news: it’s been minus 40 Celsius in Whitehorse for a couple of days. The good news: downtown parking is free.

Garbage or gold?

Phyllis Wilke is upset that a private business is taking things from Whitehorse free stores and selling them.

Taxes are up and spending is down in city budget

Taxpayers will be paying more and Whitehorse officials will be spending less, city politicians have decided.

City to examine Takhini North

Takhini North residents and city officials remain at loggerheads about how much public money should be spent replacing private infrastructure.

Belly dancing regains respect

In North America, it used to be considered kind of dirty to get jiggy with your belly. Art was getting confused with sex, sullying an entire…

Budget projections ain’t what they used to be

Sticking people with a 15 per cent tax increase over the next three years is a bad idea. In fact, it runs contrary to what citizens were told last…

Stan McCowan on the move … to McCrae

The city could be letting go of Stan McCowan Arena for the low, low price of $5,000. If and when it lets it go, the arena could be dismantled and…

Cancer society seeks smoking ban in cars

The Canadian Cancer Society is calling for a smoking ban for Yukon motorists travelling with children, and it’s looking for support from the…

From jail to junk removal: a tale of dreams, love and property law

After getting out of jail, Len McGinnis decided to invest his time and money in a Porter Creek property that doesn’t belong to him.

Telehealth brings virtual experts to Yukon communities

Yukon’s medical system just went Star Trek. Every community now has access to Telehealth, a video-conferencing system that gives Yukoners…

Navigating the maze of Yukon cellphone companies

Gerry Trudeau lacks faith in Northwestel’s ability to provide cellphone service. After signing up with Latitude Wireless, the Whitehorse man…

Debate rages over private homes and public funds

Takhini North residents and city councillors still can’t agree on money. Residents want the city to cover water and sewer work under their…

Parking meters could rise to $1 an hour

The next time you plug coins in a parking meter you may have to have a little more jingle in your pocket.

Developer takes a swing at more lots

One of the city’s private country-residential developments is getting bigger. The developer of Fox Haven Estates and co-owner of the Meadow…