Matthew Grant

Takhini North residents shocked by city’s new development plans

A flawed consultation system and the city’s tendency to manipulate numbers have left Takhini North residents with a bad taste in their mouth,…

Cost savings sought in workers’ safety

Whitehorse businesses are lobbying Yukon politicians to study the effectiveness of the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board.

Kwanlin Dun pays up

After more than one year and several reminder notices from Whitehorse, the Kwanlin Dun First Nation has paid a past-due bill of $892,000.

Lights may shine at four way stop

A four-way stop that has been the bane of motorists travelling through the Marwell industrial area could soon be history.

Man still toils in Back Country

Len McGinnis is still beavering away in Porter Creek, removing wrecked cars and dilapidated buildings from a property that doesn’t belong to…

Shore ‘leave’ in Whitehorse

After spending Rendezvous in Whitehorse a handful of Canadian naval officers are headed back to their ship.

Council revs up with fuel tax

Yukon’s municipal governments must discuss sharing the territory’s gas tax revenues, say city councillors.

Wheeler Street residents fear the bling

A new triplex proposed for Wheeler Street does not fit the neighbourhood’s character, say area residents.

A bus that costs more than a house

The city might be buying another $450,000 bus. And, city administrators are recommending foregoing the tendering system and awarding a sole-source…

Be kind to your girl’s four legged friend

It’s funny how life as a bachelor changes when you meet the girl of your dreams. Somehow a thing like drinking juice straight from the…

Fentie’s cool to fuel tax idea

A one-cent fuel tax for municipalities doesn’t sit well with Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie. Asked about the tax scheme, Fentie said he…

City vies for fuel revenue

If council has its way, Yukoners could be paying another one cent per litre at the gas pumps. City politicians are considering asking other…

Health department leaves Yukon man broken hearted

After suffering a heart attack, Spencer Elofson says he was abandoned by the Yukon medical system. His tale involves broken promises, broken fuel…

Recycled promise heralds election

Tuesday, in what appeared as electioneering, federal treasury board president Vic Toews announced $73,000 in funding to Whitehorse.

Applications for disaster relief flood in

A flood can cause a lot of problems. In its wake it can shift a building’s foundation, turn insulation and drywall to mush, and leave a…

Retailers want parking spot hogs curbed

Downtown office and store workers would have to stop snagging metered retail parking stalls before a downtown parkade was feasible.

Air Canada tight lipped on threats to passenger

Threatening to label a Yukon passenger a flight risk for collecting names of dissatisfied Air Canada/Air Canada Jazz customers is not something the…

Chamber president puts in his 21 cents on minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage another 21 cents in line with the Consumer Price Index isn’t fair to business, says the president of the Whitehorse…

Law should apply equally to everyone

The city must avoid looking like it’s kowtowing to the Yukon power elite and ensure its bylaws apply equally to bigwigs and small fries alike.

Mobile homes the way to go

The best way to get the city through its current land crunch is a trailer park, says Barry Bellchambers.