Lewis Rifkind

Yukon politicians require a visit from John Muir’s ghost

There are a lot of books floating around that boast fondly of what the Scots have done for humanity. With titles like How the Scots Invented the…

of high and main streets

Whitehorse actually has a main street that is called, well, Main Street. Before the arrival of the big box stores it was where most of the…

walking to scotland

The beauty of living in downtown Whitehorse is the ability to walk to the airport. As the reader will learn from this column, it is not the easiest…

the price of parking

As this column is being read, Whitehorse is installing new parking meters. This is so the city can charge more for parking.

GREEN SPACES… Rewriting the rules

If anyone had mentioned last month that the United States would be nationalizing its economy they would have been laughed out of the room.

Political contributions lack charity

The election campaign is underway and no matter what political party one supports no doubt they have all asked for campaign contributions.

Disturbance from above

The Whitehorse airport had a noisy visitor last week. A military jet was observed circling the airport numerous times prior to landing.

Hazardous waste collection rarely happens full time

Tomorrow, August 23rd, is one of three household hazardous waste collection days held annually at the city of Whitehorse landfill.

we could win this hand of pipeline poker

‘And we should also tap more of our substantial natural gas reserves and work with the Canadian government to finally build the Alaska natural…

its high time for carbon incentives

The idea behind a carbon tax is to put an additional cost onto fossil fuels. The concept is that since the fossil fuel is now more expensive…

Railways could provide cleaner ways

There have always been mutterings of a Yukon railway going deep into the Klondike since the time of the gold rush.

the view from downtown

The rise of the Whitehorse downtown condominium complexes is changing both the view from downtown and the view of downtown.

the green ghetto

When asked to name prominent North American environmentalists, the first names that usually spring to mind are David Suzuki or Al Gore.

wonky yukon energy strategy champions outside oil interests

The draft Yukon energy strategy is currently out for public review. This review period is hopefully not the only chance the Yukon public has to…

carbon sin no more

Back in the medieval period, an adherent of the Catholic Church could absolve themselves of sins by purchasing indulgences.

the seductive call of false progress

Last week the Yukon was host to the Canadian Senate committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources.

Household Hazardous Waste Day is upon us

Tomorrow, Saturday May 31st, is household hazardous waste day at the city of Whitehorse landfill. From 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Raven Recycling Club returns

The 2008 Raven Recycling Club for Children has now started for the summer. The club is open to children who are Yukon residents and aged four to 16.

for a greener planet curtail travel

There is concern among those that track greenhouse gas emissions on the amount that mainstream travel is responsible for.

Talking the talk

It is always nice to kick off spring with appreciation and awareness of the Yukon’s fauna and flora.