Lewis Rifkind

business as usual

The Yukon territorial government is inviting request for postings from the oil and gas industry again. This happens twice a year, and is a chance for the fossil-fuel companies to select areas of the Yukon that they want to bid on.

Something about Mayo Lake

It is time that Mayo Lake was examined for its salmon habitat potential and not just for its hydro electrical generating potential. Situated in the heart of the Yukon, Mayo Lake is very roughly equidistant between the communities of Mayo and Keno.

open houses and free snacks

On Monday afternoon and early evening the Peel Watershed Land Use Planning Commission is holding an open house to discuss its draft land use plan.

The scoop with kitty litter

Having an animal companion these days raises all sorts of environmental and ethical questions. Very few humans actually need a cat or a dog as a working animal.

what could have been

The Yukon government's budget was, apart from its size, pretty bland in the grand scheme of things.

Enjoy it while you can

The great Yukon outdoors is there for all to experience and enjoy. It is also available for one and all to exploit thanks to lax resource-extraction laws.

something in the air

When garbage is burnt, the resulting smoke and air-borne fumes contain chemicals. These chemicals were either part of the items in the garbage, or the heat from the burning garbage caused certain chemicals to mix and join together to make new airborne

these boots were made for walking

Despite incessant pleas from the municipal authorities it is still possible to find sidewalks within Whitehorse that have not been cleared. It is up to the resident whose property abuts the sidewalk to make sure it is in walkable condition. This winter ha

Energy conservation comes home

Hold on to your hats, everyone, Whitehorse is going to amend the building and plumbing bylaw. At first glance this does not appear the most exciting of topics, but in environmental circles it is turning heads. Whitehorse is proposing amending the bylaw to

Putting out fires

The Yukon Environment and Socio-Economic Assessment Board has released its recommendations regarding the continuing burning of household waste at most community dumps. The recommendation is that the open burning of solid waste be prohibited except for cl

Giving a lift

A friend who lives in Whitehorse recently bought her first vehicle. Now, she is quite environmentally aware, and purchasing a vehicle did raise some mental anguish. Fortunately anguish can be rationalized away.

coming soon climate wars

Climate Wars, the latest book from Gwynne Dyer, is what is politely termed in certain environmental book review circles as a "slit your wrist special." Very roughly it examines the next few decades of what climate change means from a political and milita

Up in smoke

Plastics have certainly been in the news the past couple of months. First there was the city of Whitehorse discussing a possible ban of single-use…

unlikely environmentalists

It must be tough being a Whitehorse city councillor. The hours are long, the pay is not commensurate with the level of boredom the position…

pushing paper

The art of paper making is deceptively simple. Take any pulpy substance, used office paper will do nicely, and mix it in a blender with water.

Climate change and photo opportunities

Reading the mainstream newspapers or watching television it would appear a great environmental issue has evaporated.

when things go bump in the night

The attempts in early October to bomb some natural gas pipelines and wellheads in northeastern British Columbia are not being called acts of…

the president and the pipeline

President elect of the United States, Barack Obama, could have a huge impact on the Yukon, and not in a good way.

Rough times for Raven

The world wide economic downtown has had an impact on the most unlikely organization possible. The Raven Recycling Society of Whitehorse, Yukon, has…

the blandness of it all

Returning to the Yukon from Scotland on a flight obtained through frequent-flier points is not the happiest experience.