Lewis Rifkind

Mining savings for a rainy day

The Alaska Permanent Fund gives each Alaskan an annual dividend cheque derived from investments made from oil and gas royalties the state has collected. Section 15 of the Alaskan State constitution reads: "At least 25 per cent of all minera

Bleeding water

Lewis Rifkind The frost is back and for Yukon households fortunate enough to get water piped to their homes, now is the time to ensure their bleeder system is working. A bleeder system circulates water within pipes.

The part time environmentalist

It is pretty safe to assume that all Yukoners want a healthy environment. Clean air to breathe, safe water to drink and the chance to enjoy some of the natural environment around us are universally desirable items. Where possible we all do our bit.

City working plan backwards

The city of Whitehorse is inviting comments on the 2010 Official Community Plan. This plan is a guide to development and planning for the next decade or so. It is a vision of what citizens want to see done with the physical layout of their community.

Guide to the green life is forthcoming

The Northern Climate Exchange up at Yukon College and the city of Whitehorse, along with other organizations, are creating a new Whitehorse Green Guide. It is so green it will not even be printed on paper, instead it will be internet based.

producers should solve the problems of their own making

Manufacturers need to take responsibility for the items and the associated packaging they produce. When companies make an item they wash their hands off it as soon as it enters the distribution chain.

Putting steam into Whistle Bend

It would appear that Whitehorse's proposed eco-village is starting to lose some of its green tint.

learning our southern lessons

The advantage of developing government policy in the Yukon is that because the territory is so far behind other jurisdictions it can learn from their mistakes.

The cinematic environment

It looks like the film Avatar is headed towards a record box office take. At the time of going to press it had taken in well over one billion dollars worldwide. That is a lot of coin for a film that is so blatantly anti-consumerist.

pipelines climate change and problems

After Christmas but before New Year's Day 2010, an entity known as the Joint Review Panel gave a positive review of the proposed Mackenzie Gas Project.

Financing the environment

There is a theory that the only way to save the environment is to assign a dollar value to it.

Power from the people

It is odd looking back at the past summer's yelling and screaming about the possible sale of the Yukon Energy Corporation to a certain large private company.

a cynical season

December is meant to be a time of rest and relaxation.

belly up to green drinks

Green Drinks is a rather fun networking event for those involved with environmental issues. It is held in communities around the world, and now Whitehorse has started having them. There is one quirk, though.

End of the road

There is an old joke about the tourist who stumbles into a highway gas station and asks what the red flags are on the side of the Yukon highways.

whitehorse does hereby proclaim

Monday night's mayor and council meeting of the city of Whitehorse is not exactly prime-time entertainment. There are committee reports and bylaw amendments and the general minutiae of running a city.

Recycling season

The last day to collect points for the Recycling Club for Children is November 14. For those who are new to the Recycling Club, both points and the cash refund are given on all eligible beverage containers.

real jobs really

An advertisement in this fine newspaper has been promoting an upcoming introduction to mining course. This two day course is for anyone who would like to gain a better understanding of mineral exploration and mining.

Clasp hands for climate change action

The outdoor temperature is hovering about the zero-degree mark. This is a reminder for vehicle owners to gear up for winter. Winter tires should be put on vehicles, antifreeze levels checked and oil changes performed.

Regulating the trees

With the cold starting to set in, many Yukon residents are gathering books and plan on settling down by the heat source and having a good read. If non-fiction grabs your fancy why not consider plowing through the proposed Yukon forestry regulations.