Leighann Chalykoff

Miss your mother’s touch no more

If Sigmund Freud were here, he would probably have a lot to say about Moynan King’s latest performance piece, Mothering.

Young Yukoners are going to pot

It’s accessible, it’s affordable and it’s an attractive drug for the shy or anxious or just bored.

Land claim case could set precedent

A Yukon Supreme Court case could set a precedent in deciding the rights of Yukon First Nations beyond what’s laid out in their final…

A little land dispute raises big questions about final agreements

A legal battle between a farmer and a trapper in Yukon Supreme Court this week could change the way First Nations’ final agreements are viewed.

An uncommon clown comes north

amie Adkins is no ordinary clown. “A clown is somebody who will try and sell you a hamburger in the US; I’m not that kind of…

New tourism project buoyed by big bucks and a big river

The construction of cabins that looked as though they’d been plucked from Jim Robb’s sketchbook created a buzz in Whitehorse last summer.

McIntyre woman charged with trafficking

A weekend drug bust on a residence on McIntyre Drive has left one local woman facing charges of possession and trafficking.

Private sector pushes for licences over passports

At $89 a pop, acquiring passports can be expensive for a family. Passcards are just another piece of plastic to carry around.

Proposed workers’ comp policy ‘discriminatory’ — advocate

A proposed new workers’ compensation policy would allow some psychological injury claims to be rejected too easily, according to the…

Workers’ act review given final deadline

Three years past its original delivery date, a review of the Yukon Workers' Health and Compensation Safety Act has been given a final extension.

Northerners pay more for phone service

Northwestel has been given approval to raise its local phone service rates. Under the price increases, which took effect January 1, residential…

Listen to the people before drafting policies

Randall Pokiak lives in Tuktoyaktuk but his home is on the land. The plains are his front porch and the ocean, his backyard.

Renaissance man joins the fight for human rights

When Max Rispin came to the Yukon in the ‘60s, the RCMP ran him out of town for selling encyclopedias without a licence.

Gun Nutz website exposes illegal hunter

One Alberta hunter is facing a $1,500 fine and a seven-year hunting ban in the territory for illegally bagging a grizzly.

Lengthy legal battle spurs WCB to re evaluate psychological claims

A contentious workers’ compensation claim, which has dragged through the system for four years, has now spurred the Yukon Workers’…

Why are workers hurting on the job?

In 2006, the Yukon saw the highest number of reported injuries in 13 years: 1,984 workers were hurt on the job and three died.

Duck tales: 15,000 wings tell the story

The Mount McIntyre Recreation Centre looked like it was under quarantine on Friday. Its floors were covered in broad sheets of plastic and…

Art gallery curator departs with mixed feelings

The curator of Yukon’s public art gallery is leaving the territory feeling pride in his accomplishments over the past five years, and…

Four year old compensation case up for review, again

A Yukon government employee of 14 years filed for worker’s compensation benefits two days after being suspended from her job in 2002.

Old Crow plans all new, all Yukon sled dog race

Stan Njootli has been driving dogs all his life. “Ever since I can remember, I was in the toboggan with my mother hauling me out there going…